SD-WAN: A Simplified Network for Distributed Enterprises e-book

Is your existing corporate network holding you back?

Virtual computing and the rise of cloud technology are transforming how organizations operate. Employees are spread around the globe and accessing vital data and applications from all kinds of locations and on a wide variety of devices.

While this ubiquitous mobility and freedom to work whenever, wherever is being embraced by users and enterprises alike, it’s also exposing the inherent weaknesses in many of today’s existing corporate networks.

The problem is, many companies are still relying on traditional multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) networks. These trusted networks have been used reliably for many years; but because the many technology advancements that have been introduced recently, MPLS simply cannot offer the high bandwidth, low latency, and high performance that businesses need to access today’s cloud-based applications.

Fortunately, there’s a better solution out there – Citrix SD-WAN.

This powerful, next-generation networking solution integrates with your existing WAN architecture to streamline management, improve network efficiency and deliver secure connections for users, wherever they are located.

Better yet, SD-WAN can deliver new levels of flexibility and enable you to:

  • Improve business agility by enabling rapid rollout of WAN services without on-site IT support
  • Deliver bandwidth savings because internet connections are readily available, quick to deploy and more affordable
  • Optimize your infrastructure and better prepare it for new cloud-based services and apps

Isn’t it time for a networking solution that helps your business move forward by delivering better experiences for virtual users and more control and security for you?

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