Embracing the future of finance
in a two-speed world

In a multi-speed world, businesses are hard pressed to keep up with the pace of development. Every industry, sector and operational area across the globe is facing mass disruption in an ever-revolutionising digital world. In finance, CFOs are tasked with developing a modern, strategic and tactical approach to the organisation’s finances, while still juggling traditional responsibilities.

CFOs must automate, embrace emerging technology and create flexible structures for scalability. How? With software built for the cloud. Oracle NetSuite is designed specifically for financial services and proven to accelerate business performance.

Modern CFOs must go further than finance. They are today’s most trusted strategic business partners. To succeed in this role, they must be able to adapt to change, streamline compliance and modernise their systems through innovation.

With Oracle NetSuite, CFOs the world over are enjoying comprehensive financial management solutions. The secret lies in delivering the integration of management suites with business intelligence for success in the digital era, effectively connecting people and technology.

The future of finance

Gone are the days of the bean counter.

Today’s CFOs are always closing – because closing the books no longer has a defined beginning, middle and end. Oracle NetSuite empowers CFOs to deliver a continuous close by providing unified platforms that allow for more efficient financial management operations, automating revenue forecasting, allocation, recognition, reclassification and auditing.

We’ve reinvented rigid, heavy ERP to deliver a nimble solution that can keep pace with regulations, technologies and business models that can (and do) change in an instant. By integrating AI and machine learning into our cloud ERP finance solution, CFOs have access to modern tools that allow them to number-crunch far beyond what was previously possible.

Innovating auditing

The dreaded audit season is traditionally seen as a tedious, time-consuming and painstakingly manual process.

These archaic auditing processes have proven to suck time and resources from finance teams. Inefficient finance systems cost both time and money. Whether internal or external, audits move faster and create less chaos when the information at hand is correct, reliable and captured through sound business processes.

Thankfully, modern Finance Directors can enjoy the benefits of innovation, as Oracle NetSuite delivers a global cloud ERP system that automates auditing. This financial system flags issues, filters information and integrates even siloed data, eliminating the need for hoards of accountants huddled around paperwork, asking the same questions year-on-year.

Connected planning & budgeting

As the world rapidly digitises, so the CFO’s approach to planning and budgeting must evolve.

South Africa faces daily economic challenges, yet some businesses are thriving in this economy. The question is, how are they delivering sustainable growth? The answer is through sound planning and budgeting. Traditionally, business leaders work with a variety of disconnected applications, forcing them to resort to spreadsheets. This makes reporting, financial planning and budgeting a manual and laborious process – often fraught with errors.

To succeed, modern businesses must gauge the impact of disruption on planning and growth by embracing innovative, connected solutions. Enter Oracle NetSuite Planning and Budgeting (NetSuite PBCS), a cloud-based ERP solution powered by emerging technology - helping businesses reduce costs and enable growth. NetSuite PBCS delivers customised planning models, digital reporting, and predictive analytics tools that are affordable, accessible and flexible.

Let us help you navigate your path to an exponential future, ensuring sound financial management, growth and success.