B-BBEE Scorecard Solution

Dear Valued Customer,

iOCO invites you to join us while we take you through our Automated B-BBEE Scorecard Reporting Solution.

Date: 5 November 2020, 2pm - 3pm (CAT)


  • Solving B-BBEE Scorecard Reporting
  • Advantages of the B-BBEE Solution
  • Solution Components
  • Visuals of the KPI’s

The iOCO Automated B-BBEE Scorecard Reporting Solution is a plug-and-play automated reporting application.

Our solution is the answer to the complexity that is B-BBEE Scorecard reporting across all the Scorecard elements.  It provides real-time analytics across all elements and at the lowest, granular level.

Most organisations are re-active in terms of their B-BBEE Scorecard and often decisions are based on data that is outdated simply because of the time it takes to collect, collate and compile the reports.

Through automating what was a very time-consuming process, as well as incorporating our unique “What-if” functionality, employees can now be more effectively engaged to implement the strategic decisions based on the solution’s analytics instead of spending days and weeks compiling reports.

We look forward to seeing you at the Webinar.

Stay well, stay healthy and see you there,

iOCO EPM and Analytics Team