UDAF leverages industry standard harnesses (MicroFocus UFT, Selenium, etc) and eliminates existing spreadsheet problems, making migrating from Excel to cloud easy.

A modern user interface allows new test cases and test packs to be created, edited, updated and executed at the click of a button. With simple and intuitive component and parameter management, and utilising industry standard technologies, deliver consistency and efficiency to overcome your QA bottlenecks that are slowing down your delivery.

Granular functionalities are created in separate self-contained components, to be shared and reused by multiple test cases. Seamlessly operating across multiple platforms and browsers, accessed anytime, anywhere.

Overcome DevOps QA bottlenecks

Simplify and speed up test automation

Extend your test automation resources

Put the power of test automation into the hands of non-technical teams

Achieve consistency and efficiency

Quality Assurance End-to-end QA for your digital transformation journey

As business look to digitally transform their offerings to cater to clients ever changing needs, 2 factors are of paramount importance: Customer experience and time to market.

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