The value of the Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse

Operating a data warehouse is a complex, costly task. From data security to its management, storage, accessibility, and everything in between, it’s simply not a task that can or should be taken on manually.

According to Craig Kelly, Competency Head – Oracle Technology, iOCO, “it is essential that businesses take control of their data to ensure higher confidence in the resultant analyses, for better business decisions.”

The Oracle Division at iOCO specialises in providing high availability solutions, real-time data integration, transactional change data capture, data replication, transformations, and verification between operational and analytical enterprise systems.

Cloud to the rescue

Thankfully, Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse has the answer. Available in both the Oracle public cloud and customers data centers with Oracle Cloud@Customer, this cloud data warehouse service eliminates virtually all the complexities of operating a data warehouse, securing data, and developing data-driven applications. As a result, it has the potential to drastically reduce costs. It is not only easy, fast, powerful, and autonomous – but it’s self-driving, self-securing, and self-repairing too.

What Is Automated with Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse?

This cloud service automates the following elements within the data warehouse:

• Provisioning
• Configuring
• Securing
• Tuning
• Scaling
• Patching
• Backing Up
• Repairing

According to Oracle, “unlike other fully managed cloud data warehouse solutions that only patch and update the service, Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse features elastic, automated scaling, performance tuning, security, and a broad set of built-in converged database capabilities that enable simpler queries across multiple data types, machine learning analysis, simple data loading, and data visualisations.”

The benefits of Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse

This intelligent solution delivers the following benefits:

• Automated data warehouse management, offering simplified data warehouse management with autonomous administration
• A complete solution with built-in analytics, bringing algorithms to the data with Machine Learning capabilities
• Graphs enable users to model, explore, and analyse data based on how it’s related to other information
• Spatial analytics features address all forms of applications, spatial workloads, and datasets including the most demanding, large-scale location intelligence and geospatial application
• Consistent high performance for any number of concurrent users
• Comprehensive data and privacy protection, reducing risk with database security
• Unlike other cloud data warehouse services, Autonomous Data Warehouse offers three deployment choices:

1. Shared infrastructure (public cloud)
2. Dedicated infrastructure (public cloud)
3. Cloud@Customer infrastructure (customer’s data center)

Why Choose Oracle Autonomous Database?

Customers across the globe have chosen Oracle Autonomous Database to transform their businesses. It offers an economical, efficient, and effortless customer experience. It is effectively helping organisations to redefine data warehousing through machine learning and automation. It’s time to embrace analytics and data that are up-to-date, trustworthy, and always available.

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