The Connected Enterprise

Content and the information around it is not just a corporate asset to be controlled and protected, but rather the fuel that drives business processes. These business processes can be limited to a single business function but in a world where everything is connected and integrated, the need to access information and content throughout the business is forever evolving.

The question that comes to mind is how do we ensure our content is accessible from anywhere, and at anytime to streamline business processes and gain the competitive advantage within the market?

Queue OpenText Extended ECM Platform.

The OpenText Extended ECM Platform (xECM) is the key to unlocking the value of your content by integrating this content with your lead CRM, ERP, HRM or any other lead application. With xECM, we bridge the gap of disparate content silos and business processes and enable information and content to flow seamlessly across applications. This will not only leverage an organisation’s investment in its ECM software but also speed up business processes, improve user experience and ultimately, enhance transparency and insight that will enable informed decision making.

With the xECM Platform content is presented in the context of the business process or lead application interface including ERP (such as SAP S/4 HANA, Oracle E-Business Suite) or HR Applications (including SAP Success Factors) or even CRM systems (Salesforce). With this vast range of integrations available with the platform, business can enable access to content and information throughout the entire life-cycle of a business process.

Furthermore, with the xECM Smart View a user is presented with an intuitive UI display that can present metadata related to a business object that is being managed within the lead application. The interface also enhances user productivity and breaks down the barriers to adoption by enabling users to remain within the business application that they are comfortable with while still having the ability to access all the necessary information that is required to complete the job.

With this comprehensive platform, organisations will also be provided with two-way integration that not only extend content into the lead application but also grant metadata from the lead application directly into the xECM Smart View allowing users to make updates bi-directionally.

xECM will provide a firm foundation for businesses to embark on their digital transformation journey with flexible cloud models with either private, public or hybrid deployments available organisations are enabled to manage, protect and effectively use information within the same governance framework used by the most secure on premise system.

We at iOCO are in a fortunate position that not only has our team of consultants specialised in various technologies over the past 19 years, as ECM has been unfolding, but they have also been core in delivering ECM programs at various customers, both public and private sector, who were early adopters of ECM strategies within the South African market.

As iOCO, we understand the digital journey and all its challenges, we look forward to embark on this journey with you to ensure success in this digitally disruptive era.

 “Adaptability is about the powerful difference between adapting to cope and adapting to win.” —Max McKeown

iOCO is a fully certified re-seller, Services and Support Partner of OpenText South Africa.