The Business benefits of Oracle hyperion

Within the current socio-economic climate, businesses are facing unprecedented challenges and concerns. According to Stats SA’s Business Impact Survey of the COVID-19 Pandemic, 85.4% of South African businesses had a turnover below their normal rates, and 46.4% of South African businesses reported a temporary closure or paused trading activity.

“These are exceedingly difficult times. Business predictability has become increasingly problematic to achieve and maintain,” explains Michele Peruch, Business Development Manager at Oracle Services at iOCO.

In these uncertain times, businesses are highlighting the following key questions:

  • How can a business be supported to achieve and maintain accurate business predictability?
  • In what ways can planning, budgeting, and forecasting cycles be reduced to allow more time for strategic intervention and increased productivity?
  • How can organisational financial planning be supported to increase revenue and protect against the need for temporary closure?

A Viable Solution

“Those organisations that turn to solutions, such as Oracle Hyperion, are offered the support needed to not only overcome the risk of temporary closure, but to show continued business enhancement and growth,” continues Peruch. Oracle Hyperion provides a unique and distinguished best-in-class offering that provides effective and efficient solutions for informed decision making and increased business predictability.

This agile solution provides organisation-wide support for planning, budgeting, and forecasting. A robust modelling framework is provided to ensure reliable financial forecasts that are based on sales and operational assumptions.

Business Benefits Provided by Oracle Hyperion

  • With Oracle Hyperion businesses have an effective answer and solution to key operational questions
  • Business predictability is increased; planning, budgeting, and forecasting cycles are reduced by weeks or months; and organisational financial planning is effectively supported for increased revenue growth
  • Using an intuitive web user interface, businesses can appeal to a wider user community
  • Full Microsoft Office integration is provided to ensure a familiar user interface
  • Cloud-based functionalities mean that business leaders and decision makers have access to vital information, empowering them to reduce planning cycles from anywhere at any time, effectively eliminating the time lag often experienced between the updating of plans and the production of revised reports
  • Cost of ownership is drastically reduced through superior application deployment, management tools, and packaged data integration

With Oracle Hyperion, businesses can successfully navigate uncertainty. Business predictability is drastically increased for improved planning and intervention. Business leaders and decision makers are fully supported in their financial planning endeavours and are provided with actionable plans for improved decision making and increased revenue and growth.

“This solution truly increases business value while reducing cost and increasing efficiency,” concludes Peruch.

Contact Michele Peruch at or on 072 710 4417 and let Oracle Services at iOCO help you improve your business predictability with Oracle Hyperion.