Talent Acquisition Amidst the Crisis

The South African lockdown has had an immense impact on the recruitment industry. The long-term effects of this economic shutdown are yet to be seen – but predictions are not promising. As whole industries struggle to stay afloat, and employees and candidates across the globe fight for their positions, sound talent acquisition principles become vital to sustainable operations.

At a time when every customer must be wooed with absolute excellence, businesses must recognise that hiring better employees creates long-term competitive advantages. This leads to increased customer satisfaction and revenue growth. The keys, especially now, are to reach hard-to-find talent, hire the right people, and get them productive more quickly.

“As modern recruiting becomes increasingly challenging, companies must work harder to identify the best talent – all while staying on top of the complexity of their own internal hiring process,” explains Saadia Sali, Applications Consultant, Oracle Services at iOCO. “Throughout the pandemic, businesses have been forced to digitise – and the recruitment process is no exception.”

According to Sali, tools that deliver reliable insights into the business impact of talent management decisions are crucial. Those that further deliver interview solutions, offer management processes, and onboarding tools ensure efficiency and accuracy when making a hiring decision. “If the tool can also support the business in completing the process, by engaging new employees early and making sure they are aligned with company initiatives, success is inevitable,” she adds.

Delivering global strategic sourcing and recruiting capabilities, Oracle Taleo Cloud (also known as Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud), helps organisations achieve this (even amidst crisis). “Featuring multichannel sourcing, employer branded career portals, screening questions, precision matching, configurable workflows, interview and offer management, automated onboarding, proven third-party integrations, and advanced reporting and analytics, this Cloud Service truly offers an anywhere, anytime mobile recruiting solution,” adds Sali.

This empowers organisations to transform their recruitment processes, embracing a digital approach without compromising on thorough staffing practices. With these capabilities, users expand their reach to talent and are empowered to identify top prospects quickly, through automated pre-screening. With the ability to support multiple organisations and brands from a single global platform, customers enjoy ease of use, efficiency, and extended levels of visibility. With more efficiency and visibility, compliance risks are reduced, and embedded business intelligence can be leveraged to increase both insights and transparency.

For customers already onboard with the Oracle HCM Cloud, the Oracle Recruiting Cloud offers businesses the best talent. The solution addresses the common challenges of recruiting. It takes the recruitment process into the modern era by leveraging a data-driven approach and a mobile user interface (UI) to source and engage both internal and external candidates and apply business insights across all of HCM for better hiring decisions.

“The greatest benefit of using an effective recruitment tool is the accelerated time to productivity for new hires. This is bolstered by the improved selection processes, which increase the quality of the hire,” concludes Sali. “Today there simply isn’t time to ‘wait and see’ how a new employee will perform. What they’re capable of achieving should already be clear long before the hiring decision is made.”

Issued by Perfect Word Consulting (Pty) Ltd. For more information, contact perfectword@trinitas.co.za