Taking your content mobile

In a modern business world driven by technology, businesses are looking towards working smarter, greener and more efficiently. We are proud to announce OpenText Content Suite mobile is now part and parcel of the Enterprise Content management Solution, Content Suite.

OpenText Content Suite mobile allows users to interact with content on the move on your preferred Android or IOS device, using a secure app via the respective app stores.

As stated by Gartner “OpenText remains a leader for both our completeness of vision and our ability to execute. Once again, Gartner positioned OpenText the highest for “completeness of vision” in the leaders’ quadrant. OpenText fuels its ongoing leadership in Enterprise Content Management demonstrates an ability to raise the bar and meet its customers’ changing needs.”

OpenText Context Suite provides a comprehensive Enterprise Content Management Solution that entails document management, records management, collaboration, interactive dashboarding, digitisation, wide-ranging search and workflows.

With the latest release of Content Suite, we are now able to realise and extend the capabilities of Enterprise Content Management to mobile devices in an optimised interface that bares the same styling as the smart user interface found in Content Suite.

With content at the forefront of the mobile application, documents can be retrieved via the application without the necessity of having the application that was used to generate the document. Content can easily be created and edited with the use of access granted third party applications such as Microsoft Word on any mobile device.

Backing the mobile application is a security layer equipped with a full audit trail. Remain rest assured knowing that your company content has been safeguarded by the best of breed technology.

Having access to critical business information at your fingertips will give your organization the competitive advantage in the market place. Employees can work anywhere, anytime increasing productivity in the efforts of saving time. The mobility capabilities that the OpenText Content Suite platform provides, will enable an organization to re-envisage how their day-to-day business and business processes operate. Users can action workflow items without needing access to a computer, reducing the time spent on waiting for approvals, routing, etc.

Mobility is a key step to becoming an exponential organization, leading the charge to change the way we operate to keep up with the relentless pace within this fourth industrial revolution.

We at iOCO EIM are in a fortunate position that not only, has our team of consultants specialized in various technologies over the past 19 years as ECM has been unfolding, but they have also been core in delivering ECM Programmes at various customers who were early adopters of ECM strategies within the South African market.

AS iOCO, we understand the digital journey and all its challenges, we look forward to embark on this journey with you to ensure success in this digitally disruptive era.

 “Whether at home, on the road, or from an office, work is becoming something people do, not somewhere people go.” – Forrester

iOCO EIM is a fully certified Reseller, Services and Support Partner of OpenText South Africa.