Succeeding in Work in 2022 – What to Stop, Start, and Strive For

To succeed in Human Capital Management (HCM), creating an agile people strategy in an uncertain world is critical. As markets recover, managing increasing workloads while facing the consequences of the pandemic increases risks of burn-out, dropped focus, and the onset of depression.

Adapting to the new hybrid style of work requires some significant changes for this format of working to be sustainable. Marcus Mossberger, Global Product and Industry Market Strategy at Infor, has compiled a list of suggestions and ideas from professionals, detailing what to stop, start, and strive for to balance Work From Home (WFH) and a return to traditional work environments.


  • Scheduling meetings for 60 or 30 minutes. Try 15-minute meetings (forcing succinct action) or at least switch to 25 minutes so everyone gets a 5-minute break before their next call).
  • Accepting meeting invitations without an agenda. When everyone knows up front what the meeting is about, it helps them prepare for the call (or maybe even avoid it altogether).
  • Allowing people to schedule meetings outside of the time you are comfortable working. Set boundaries and then clearly communicate them.
  • Feeling guilty about attending to personal admin, errands, or needs during the workday. Work is no longer an 8 to 5 routine… it is perfectly acceptable to run an errand in the middle of the day.


  • Blocking your calendar. Don’t just block it though… assign specific work to do during that time or designate it for dreaming, reading, or writing (try Focus Fridays).
  • Letting technology help you. Outlook can automatically block “focus time”, batch processing can filter your emails and turn off the automatic email notification that can be a constant distraction.
  • Prioritising meetings you really need to attend. Think D.A.I. (if you are not a decision maker, advisor or someone who needs to be informed, then do not attend).
  • Taking regular breaks, including walks. If you are not actively presenting, take the next call while taking a brisk walk around the block.


  • To look for ways teams can work asynchronously. Use collaboration tools that allow people to work independently and on their own time.
  • To limit the frequency that emails are checked. Reading a notification can cause a 9-minute lapse in getting back on track with the previous task.
  • To be present during calls. Avoid constantly checking emails, chats and texts and give full attention to the person on the other side of the screen.
  • For work-life integration versus work-life balance. When we work, where we work and who we work with is fluid. Embrace the new normal and make it work for your unique circumstances.

By Paul Bouchier
Sales Director at iOCO, within iOCO Software Distribution, an Infor Gold Partner
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