Six Reasons Why Clients Choose Infor d/EPM

As the world innovates, the demands on real-time information, total integration, and instant (informed) decision-making power are constantly and exponentially increasing. The reality is that today’s decision makers need integrated information at their fingertips.

According to Infor, it is the role of technology to make sure this becomes a possibility. Implementing the right technology means garnering assistance in analysing data (rather than simply gathering it).

Enter Infor d/EPM

Designed to achieve this - and more - Infor Dynamic Enterprise Performance Management (Infor d/EPM) combines modern intelligent business tools and financial performance management capabilities into one EPM software solution that delivers several benefits:

  • Consistent reporting gives users the power to measure past and current performance, and forecast future activities
  • A single application for all budgeting, planning, and forecasting needs
  • Users are empowered to operationalise strategic plans while consolidating information from multiple financial and operational systems
  • Integrated business intelligence (BI) capabilities ensure users can build and distribute meaningful reports in multiple renderings (scorecards, dashboards, cockpits, list style reports, and queries)
  • Financial and operational data can be analysed immediately.

Why Do Clients Choose Infor d/EPM?

Discerning clients who are seeking a complete, real-time view of their business performance choose Infor d/EPM for many reasons. From experience here are iOCO’s top six:

1. It’s a Reliable and Innovative Cloud Solution – ensuring employees and management are agile, responding quickly and appropriately to changing environments

2. They’re Building on their Infor Investment – once clients have one Infor investment in place, they usually expand on this suite, proclaiming; “We are an Infor Shop” and enjoying the benefits of synergy and integration

3. Clients Get More Than the Standard Offering with Infor e/DPM – the solution offers various ad hoc capabilities, the Application Studio (empowering them to build reports for inclusion in applications), and are guided by prebuilt best practices

4. Need it? Build it – with Infor d/EPM clients enjoy the freedom to build reports with any information or parameters they need on a flexible platform

5. The Platform Meets Multiple Needs – d/EPM is multifaceted, answering various client needs, such as:

  • Financial planning, budgeting, and forecasting
  • Workforce planning and budgeting
  • Sales planning
  • Capital expenses planning
  • Financial consolidation
  • Financial reporting
  • Sales and operational planning
  • Supply demand planning
  • Projects forecasting
  • Risk management
  • Strategy management
  • ERP extensions

6.It Makes Transition Easy – facilitating clients’ migration from outdated legacy tools to innovative solutions

By Paul Bouchier
Sales Director at iOCO, within iOCO Software Distribution, an Infor Gold Partner

For more information about how to Infor d/EPM will give you full business visibility, please contact Paul Bouchier at