Single cloud strategy delivers immediate results

Single cloud strategy delivers immediate results

One of South Africa’s oldest – and largest financial services providers employs over 30 000 people and operates in 14 countries, including South Africa, Botswana, eSwatini, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Namibia, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, Zimbabwe and China.

As the company’s operations have grown, so has it’s IT footprint. The financial services provider ended up with hundreds of servers and databases – all requiring ongoing investment and maintenance.

The company made the strategic decision to become a technology-led financial services organisation in order to remain relevant and stay ahead of its competition. The organisation decided it needed to partner with the best to achieve this, and to adopt a cloud strategy in order to leverage the services/innovation, efficiencies and flexibility cloud offers. Choosing AWS for the breadth of its cloud offering and the ease with which governance requirements could be met, the financial services provider has embarked on an ambitious organisation-wide cloud migration.

Fast implementation, fast results

The financial services provider had the task of moving 960 servers and 1867 databases across 240 applications and the decommissioning of 1825 on-premise servers. This would be the largest financial services migration on the African continent.

Through its understanding of Amazon Managed Services (AMS) and the AWS migration and advisory work iOCO had done in other divisions in the company, the specialist technology provider was called in to assist the organisation and AWS Proserve with the production migration. This included more than 250 servers and 600 databases. iOCO, AWS Proserve and the financial services provider achieved this over just four and a half months, and with iOCO’s involvement, the company saw an increase in migration/cut-over velocity of 37%. This has allowed it to not only service its customers faster and more effectively, but has opened new avenues for innovation. In fact, the results of the migration were so impactful that the company’s Group CEO specifically congratulated the migration team on the success of the project, commending AWS and local partner iOCO at a company function for the improvements the business was seeing.

Partnerships to drive success

iOCO is one of very few AWS partners in South Africa with the experience needed to ensure the success of the financial services organisation’s migration, boasting a full team of certified specialists and a comprehensive track record of excellence. The fact that iOCO and the financial services organisation have worked together on other projects over many years, leaving iOCO with an in-depth understanding of the company’s culture and processes, made iOCO the ideal choice as partner for this project.

Working closely with the ProServe team at every stage, iOCO provided the company with a dedicated project manager whose responsibility was to ensure the execution of the migration was seamless. 19 engineers were allocated to the project to ensure that the rights skills were available whenever they were needed.

While the migration was a resounding success, this was only because iOCO and ProServe’s combined expertise allowed them to easily overcome any challenges encountered during the project. The partners have taken these learnings into the ongoing migrations within other divisions at the company, ensuring these projects achieve the same level of success even faster.