Secure remote access for your staff is easier than you think

COVID-19 has disrupted the world of work. Businesses now have no choice but to equip their people to work from home and provide the tools to be productive without compromising on security and compliance. However, this is challenging to achieve when an organisation is dependent on legacy infrastructure and isn’t cloud ready.

Many companies have therefore started looking at digital workspaces for their end users. Consolidating each individual’s app and database needs into a single platform, delivered as a secure remote desktop, End User Computing solutions allow organisations to scale to provide thousands of desktops across the globe, on Windows or Linux.

AWS WorkSpaces, for example, is the ideal solution for any business of any size using legacy applications that might not be cloud-ready. Companies can use their apps the same way as their on-premises environment, while taking advantage of the benefits of a cloud platform. When combined with Amazon WorkDocs, businesses can enable their staff to work remotely in a secure environment, while collaborating on content and keeping in constant communication with colleagues around the globe.

Amazon WorkDocs is fully managed, secure content creation, storage and collaboration service, making it easy for people to create, edit and share content that’s easily accessible from any device, thanks to central AWS storage. Productivity is enhanced through task management, workflow approvals, activity feeds and data management tools.

Remote work needs analysis is a business-lead analysis methodology and toolkit that will help identify which users to enable for remote access, and the End User Computing solution powered by AWS also allows the analysis and management of datapoints from all workspaces – local or remote – to deliver productivity reporting to ensure service continuity.

In light of these benefits, it’s no wonder that thousands of organisations around the world are turning to End User Computing to provide secure off-site access to their staff. These solutions offer lower costs in comparison to traditional desktops and on-premises Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solutions, while eliminating the complexity of managing Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, hardware inventory, OS versions and patches.

We’re here to help South African businesses during lockdown. Get your remote workforce up and running in a snap with our fully managed secure Desktop-as-a-Service through AWS WorkSpaces and WorkDocs. We are offering free deployment of up to 50 users for new AWS customers before 30 June 2020.

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