Navigating Post-Covid Travel with Contactless Hospitality

As the African hospitality industry slowly returns to full operations, the demand for meeting lockdown requirements, social distancing protocols, and enhanced health and safety obligations can become overwhelming. Fortuitously, Infor has announced a fully contactless suite of applications for the hospitality industry, specifically designed for hotels and resorts, casinos and gaming, restaurants and food services, and event sales and table reservations.

“Infor Hospitality Cloud Solutions will address hotel operational needs for social distancing and processes removing the need for direct contact, as it introduces contactless applications for the hospitality sector,” confirms Mark Bannerman, Managing Director – Infor Services at iOCO.

Global Infor Hospitality Management Solution (HMS)

Designed to personalise the guest experience, Infor’s global, cloud-based hotel property management system offers flexibility, security, efficiency, and mobile capabilities. The goal is to deliver a great guest experience, through modern property management functionality, including:

  • Multi-tenant cloud architecture
  • Secure infrastructure
  • Centralised guest profile management
  • Configurable screen design
  • Mobile check-in/check-out
  • Mobile guest services
  • Mobile housekeeping management
  • Reporting and dashboards

Contactless Hospitality with Infor

According to a recent article published on, Infor Hospitality Cloud Solutions have been designed to address hotel operational needs for social distancing and contactless processes – including mobile check-in/check-out, digital keys, and the ability to order room service via one’s own device.

The article quotes Dorothy Creamer, IDC Senior Research Analyst For Hospitality & Travel Digital Transformation Strategies: “Enabling guests to use their own devices whenever possible will be paramount to instilling confidence in guests and ultimately winning consumer loyalty. This will require hotel systems to be flexible and secure enough to support a variety of these service options while ensuring both guest and business data are protected.”

Use Case: Infor HMS Web-Based Check In and Check-Out

One solution for contactless hospitality is Web-Based Check In and Check Out. Hotels must offer an intuitive and convenient way to empower guests to take control of the check-in and check-out process. With Infor HMS, guests can choose their rooms, request add-ons, and arrange upgrades wherever they are, using their own personal devices.

According to Infor, this “gives guests the option of bypassing the front desk, and minimising contact with staff, all while gaining the benefits of managing their own guest experience according to their schedules and in a contactless way.”

For more information about how Infor HMS’ online check-in features can help your organisation meet the expectations of the modern guest., please contact Shanon Ramdaw at