Modern ERP Revolutionising Manufacturing Operations

Today, new business models, products, locations, and regulatory concerns are driving change across the manufacturing industry. Old technology simply can’t support businesses in the new environment.

Flexibility to Support Growth

As businesses change through the years, solutions must offer flexibility and agility, growing with the business with true scalability. With advanced technology, enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems are an investment in operations, efficiency, intelligence, and productivity.

Every feature of a modern ERP system works together to deliver on these improvements, enabling manufacturers to become more productive, more competitive, and better positioned to meet customers’ needs.

The Top Reasons Leading Manufacturers are Investing in Modern ERP

In today’s fast moving, increasingly competitive business environment, manufacturing organisations need complete, enterprise-wide visibility and the ability to collaborate across the business. With this need in mind, many manufacturers are turning to Modern ERP for its ability to:

Improve user adoption

User-friendly systems encourage employees to seek out data and integrate it into decision-making

Make better, more informed decisions

Connect data across business silos, exploring overall results and KPIs and growing the organisational “analytics mindset” that effectively increases data-driven decision-making for improved operational effectiveness

Attract and retain talent

Increasingly, modern ERP systems are proving to be a key differentiator when targeting the new generation of workers

Break down business silos and increase collaboration

Extending ERP capabilities beyond operations, a modern platform increases collaboration across functional areas for improved workflows and increased productivity while empowering teams to share rich information across regions and time zones, and supporting “outside-in” requirements for exchanging information with suppliers and customers

Improve key performance metrics

Modern ERP drives complete and on-time delivery, improved inventory turns and internal schedule compliance, and reductions in operational costs for a total bottom line benefit

Utilise emerging technology

In the modern manufacturing environment, analytics, mobility, cloud, partner networks, and the internet of things (IoT) are becoming critical elements to success as Modern ERP drives innovation

Thankfully, Infor’s Modern ERP solutions are continuously offering new and industry-specific best practices, ensuring competitiveness.

Additional Features of the Infor Modern ERP Cloud and Technology Ecosystem

  • Multi-tenant cloud platform for integration, workflows, contextual business intelligence (BI), extensibility, IoT, and artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Standards-based middleware for API integration between Infor apps, third-party apps, and IoT
  • Data and analytics services for in-context and enterprise-level insights
  • Global cloud infrastructure with Amazon® Web Services (AWS®) for agility, scalability, and security

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