Managing Complex IT Environments in the Wake of Covid & Industry 4.0

Today, businesses possibly face the most complicated IT environments that have ever been seen across the globe. In the wake of Industry 4.0, traditional methods simply cost too much, are far too laborious, and result in a reactive approach which cannot keep pace with rapid development. Add to this the strain that lockdowns, work-from-home requirements, and general disruption that Covid-19 has caused, and it’s clear that managing these environments is becoming increasingly difficult.

Businesses must manage IT environments with a fresh approach. When it comes to Oracle environments, for example, we recommend implementing a strategy that leans on industry and product expertise to ensure true Return on Investment (ROI) is achieved.

The right solution must be delivered by the right partner. Critical considerations should be whether the solution and service give the business reliable insight into its data security posture, compliance and standards position, and operational efficiency.

From a data security posture perspective, it is essential that businesses adjust their approach in line with evolving security practices and define specific IT security goals.

Today, data is a currency that constantly appreciates in value. Effective vulnerability management, mitigating the threat of external attacks, and protecting this data are essential. Businesses must ensure best practice security compliance, taking key legislation like the Protection of Personal Information Act, HIPAA, and GDPR into consideration.

Achieving ROI from an investment in technology requires dedicated management, control, and compliance. We believe the right people, policies, processes, and technology can match usage to licence entitlement. It is also important that businesses fully understand their software asset eligibility and usage, ensure software compliance, and mitigate possible shortfalls.

Driving operational efficiency in today’s markets has become multifaceted and intricate. To achieve operational efficiency, businesses must consolidate data centres to reduce costs and improve efficiencies. Deploying infrastructure that is flexible, dynamic and consistently meets the needs of end users is now a basic requirement – as is understanding that downtime and latency are no longer acceptable.

The Oracle Assurance Advisory Service (OAAS) developed by the Oracle Services team at iOCO covers all these bases. This unique consulting solution leverages iOCO’s in-depth knowledge within the Oracle landscape, giving clients a better understanding of their current Oracle estate.

Essentially, this solution offers clients protection, delivering an in-depth, defensive approach that includes preventive, detective, and administrative controls. With excellent visibility into Oracle processing efficiencies, customers achieve scalability. The Oracle Licence Compliance Review service mitigates clients’ punitive licence and back support penalties, while evaluating and offering recommendations regarding future licensing requirements.

With reduced risk, increased time and cost savings, and accelerated validation, OaaS customers are empowered to manage even the most complex IT environments, with confidence.

By Michele Peruch, Business Development Manager at iOCO, an EOH company