iOCO’s Varsha Ramesar on doing analytics right in the hyperscale world

In this episode of the podcast, TechCentral is joined by iOCO managing executive for data and analytics Varsha Ramesar and iOCO executive head of cloud Richard Vester for a further discussion on hyperscale computing.

Specifically, Ramesar and Vester delve into three key areas in the hyperscale computing and cloud discussion, namely analytics and big data; skills; and moving data to actionable intelligence.

Ramesar kicks off the conversation with a look at her role at iOCO and the sort of discussions she is having with enterprise customers in South Africa.

She then discusses the differences of running analytics and big data processes in the hyperscale computing world compared to what companies have been doing on premises until now.

Are South African companies taking full advantage of the power of hyperscale cloud technologies? And what does hyperscale allow companies to do with analytics and big data? Companies are sitting on more data today than ever, but the difficulty is translating that into actionable intelligence. What are some of the things companies should be considering when having these conversations? Ramesar and Vester delve into this in some detail.

They also discuss the skill sets required by organisations. Do companies need to re-skill their employees as they move to hyperscale cloud services? And if so, what is involved and how should companies be approaching this?

How do they ensure they’re using the right data and putting the right rules against that data to ensure they are getting the information they need to make business decisions in real time?

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