iOCO Oracle Services Customer Testimonials

At Aspen Pharma, the management of its Databases is of critical importance. With the help of Oracle Services at iOCO, the Aspen Pharma team enjoys unprecedented, 24/7/365 support on its 12 AIX and 12 Windows Databases.

From daily active monitoring covering security, memory, space usage, health and data performance, to extended tasks, general housekeeping and reliable back-ups, Aspen Pharma rests in the knowledge that its data is safe, secure and current.

“We totally rely on Oracle Services to manage and maintain our extensive databases. Before Oracle Services, we used to wait up to 36 hours for response on a support ticket. Now we contact our Specialist Oracle Consultant, Anton Goosen, two to three times a day – he’s always available, and never delays in assisting us,” confirms Andre Van Biljon, IT Systems Engineer, Aspen Pharmacare.

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