iOCO announces availability of Micro Focus DevOps products hosted in local Cloud.

iOCO Application Management reveals Micro Focus’s Application Delivery Management (ADM) solutions ALM, QC Enterprise, ALM Octane, LoadRunner Pro will be available as a local Cloud offering in Southern Africa.

Floyd Moodley, Solutions Executive, says iOCO’s hosted solutions offering, which will be hosted locally, goes a long way in terms of keeping data within the borders of South Africa. He notes that local clients are increasingly understanding the importance of being quick to market with new and updated applications while ensuring the best quality.

“Clients understand the need for QA solutions but ideally they want to avoid the costs of acquiring the required infrastructure, operating systems and database as well as the associated system management skills. We are able to provide a more cost effective and less risk solution by offering the Micro Focus ADM products as a local hosted cloud product,” explains Moodley.

Ensuring that your software is built efficiently and with minimal flaws and defects, if any, is a fundamental requirement of Quality Assurance. “Cloud hosting aids in this respect by allowing you to concentrate on quality assurance at its core and letting us take care of the software requirements that cater for Quality Assurance,” he adds.

The initial products identified as part of this hosted solution are Micro Focus ALM Quality Centre, Quality Centre Enterprise, ALM Octane and LoadRunner Pro.

According to Moodley, the local cloud-hosted offering will also include managed services by certified skilled and experienced engineers to ensure product availability along with the required level of maintenance. “We already have extensive experience with this offering in our UK based cloud and it’s a matter of duplicating what we know and have learnt from our UK hosted customers.”

Highlights of iOCO’s Cloud Offering

  • Single portal for support managing all interactions relating to software requests and incidents
  • System upgrades and patching, ensuring ‘evergreen’ software
  • Fixed solution costs to support easier financial planning
  • BYOL managed cloud service solutions, allowing leveraging of existing software investments
  • Secure and easy onboarding
  • Easy exit terms after one year, providing portability
  • Perpetual licence agreements deliver long term financial savings and provide maximum portability and extensibility benefits
  • System access even if there are maintenance lapses

About iOCO Enterprise Application

iOCO Application Management is an end-to-end software technology solutions company with 20 years’ experience in delivering complex IT solutions in Southern Africa as a premier partner for OKTA, Proofpoint, Micro Focus, Kofax and Hyland. Core to iOCO Application Management are our people. Best people with certified skills and experience of delivering value adding solutions to our many customers across the South African marketplace.  We deliver a set of integrated solutions to enable our customers to digitally transform according to their unique needs and priorities.  We do this through our RUN, CHANGE and GROW approach - RUN by asking, how are we enabling our customer to run more efficiently, CHANGE is about how we enable our customers to change faster and dynamically to market needs and GROW their ability to innovate and launch new products and create new revenue streams.

iOCO, inspired by digitally native internet organisations (iO) and creative organisations (CO) of the future, the essence of the iOCO brand is the coming together of a community of great people with the best technology to serve humanity.

Media Contact:  Jose de Nobrega,