iOCO and KLK Landbou transform agricultural supply chain with seamless networking solution

Media Release, 22 March 2024

Johannesburg –  iOCO has successfully implemented a state-of-the art, tailormade networking solution for KLK Landbou, optimising connectivity across vast remote geographic areas.

The company has provided the prominent agricultural organisation with an H3C solution, enabling seamless delivery of supply chain services to agricultural clients. This robust networking solution not only offers a solid foundation for KLK Landbou’s ongoing digital transformation, but also ensures secure connectivity while reducing networking costs.

Roan Pretorius, CIO of KLK, says the Group is pleased that its partnership with iOCO resulted in the development of a solution that centralises network management and control in a single platform. “We are experiencing benefits such as reduced network complexity, lower network maintenance costs, and enhanced application performance and agility,” he says.

KLK’s stable network allows the group to integrate 4IR technologies such as data analytics and automation into its IT infrastructure, boosting its critical applications and improving the organisation’s operational efficiency. The solution’s quality allows the Group to introduce new technologies while safeguarding its security and data privacy.

“The networking solution has a significant, positive impact on our business,” says Pretorius. “It enhances our supply chain management by facilitating connectivity among different components, efficiently transferring data, and enabling remote monitoring and management of various aspects of our supply chain operations.”

Conrad Blignaut, Managing Director of iOCO Infrastructure Services says iOCO refined and implemented H3C networking equipment since it is cutting edge and reliable. The technology, including switches, access points, and routers, forms the backbone of the Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) component. This scalable and high-performance infrastructure assures KLK Landbou’s readiness for future technological advancements.

“The strategic partnership between iOCO and KLK Landbou is founded on a shared commitment to innovation, reliability, and future-proofing network infrastructure,” says Blignaut.

IOCO sets itself apart in the provision of networking solutions by immersing itself in the businesses of their customers to fully understand their requirements and provide solutions that align with their strategic goals.


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