iOCO acquires Hoverfly Cloud

iOCO acquires Hoverfly Cloud to boost software development services

Empowering Businesses with Simplified Testing

iOCO Solutions Limited, a leading digital transformation solutions provider, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Hoverfly Cloud from SpectoLabs, the developers of Hoverfly, the open-source API simulation tool.

The acquisition enhances the Group’s software development capabilities, allowing it to deliver high-quality software for its global customers with greater speed and confidence at a remarkably competitive price. Hoverfly Cloud is a powerful and scalable tool designed specifically for development environments and continuous integration (CI) pipelines.

Richard Vester, Managing Director of iOCO Solutions Limited, says the acquisition represents a significant milestone for iOCO as it gives the Group an important edge in delivering custom software solutions to its clients across industries. “It offers the powerful combination of simplicity and scalability that will enable us to meet the surging demand for software development from our customers, notably international financial services and retail groups.”

The Hoverfly solution boasts a simple, lightweight design and user-friendly interface, enabling developers to create, test, and deploy software product iterations with remarkable ease,” adds Vester.

The benefit of service virtualisation in software development, and particularly in microservices testing, lies in faster time-to-market, cost efficiency, flexibility, and the acceleration of overall digital transformation strategies. The acquisition of Hoverfly Cloud enables iOCO to provide enhanced value and support to its customers, positioning them for rapid innovation and sustained success in a dynamic business environment.

John Davenport, Director of SpectoLabs, describes the acquisition as an exciting opportunity for Hoverfly Cloud. “The team at iOCO has a strong track record of delivering robust, agile solutions to their customers. Therefore, we are confident that they will take Hoverfly Cloud to new heights, driving its growth and enhancing its capabilities,” he says.

Brian Harding, Group Executive of iOCO Digital and International, says iOCO provides cutting edge software development along with cloud and networking services to its customers. “iOCO’s objective is to help organisations become more resilient and stay competitive in the changing economic landscape. This acquisition marks the company’s commitment to providing cost effective, dependable and pragmatic solutions that empower businesses in achieving their digital transformation goals.”

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