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Innovate at speed and scale

In a world today, organisations can’t afford delays in the delivery of their solutions, nor in accessing the technologies that enable them to service their customers. Unfortunately, many have to choose between quality and speed when it comes to their applications, a compromise that leads to less than optimal performance.

With the changes forced by the Covid-19 pandemic, innovation has never been more important, nor more challenging and companies that have identified their latest innovations are struggling to deliver at speed and scale either because of a shortage of skills or the time needed for development.

Many organisations have therefore started looking for partners that can offer faster product development, exceptional service and quality, and effective support – whenever it’s needed. Unfortunately, there are very few companies with the capabilities to provide this level of service, leaving many organisations disillusioned with their partners.

iOCO’s OnDemand “follow the sun” approach is specifically designed to address these needs - providing 24-hour service and constant workflow to reduce response times. Problems are solved faster and development and production times are reduced, which means products and services get to market faster.

Service and development sites are spread out across many time zones, allowing work to be passed from location to location, effectively allowing for 24-hour development.

With the massive skills shortage seen across the world – a shortage that is only predicted to get worse – companies are only going to struggle more in the future. The Covid-19 pandemic has proved the effectiveness of remote work, and our OnDemand approach leverages this to the maximum, allowing teams across the world to work on a project for extremely fast delivery.

Our global delivery centres, for example, offer a variety of models to ensure that companies can ramp up or down on demand. With almost infinite capacity, this ensures that any project can be delivered at speed, with quality guarantees.

Individual digital consultants boasting a wide range of skills complement existing project teams, whether the customer requires onshore assistance, offshore delivery, or a hybrid solution. Competencies and capabilities range from development, Quality Assurance (QA) testing and automation, to business analysis and project management. No matter how specialised the customer requirement, our OnDemand approach ensures that innovation is easy and delivery is rapid.

Today’s customers are looking for 24/7 access to systems, and every business needs to be able to support them. Very few companies, however, have the in-house capabilities to do this.

With iOCO’s OnDemand approach, a skilled, on-demand team can work on the project on a 24-hour schedule. This means that not only can businesses reduce the amount of time it takes to go from ideation to planning and development, but this approach also enables improved maintenance and support.

Similarly, the busier and more critical a system is to a business, the more challenging updates and upgrades become. OnDemand support can make scheduling maintenance possible. In fact, it offers the opportunity to undertake critical updates at a company’s quietest time, or even better, when it’s closed.

Offering better quality delivery and support, our OnDemand approach ensures less disruption to the business as well as rapid response to any needs. By providing access to a large pool of technical resources, OnDemand not only supports specific projects, but helps the organisation achieve its business goals.