Infor Supplier Exchange at a Glance

Across the globe, manufacturers are looking for innovative ways to enhance Supply Chain Management (SCM). Thankfully, emerging technology is forging a path for streamlined collaboration with suppliers. Why? To improve supply chain operations, empowering manufacturers to control each commodity based on how it’s used.

Enter Infor Supplier Exchange – an advanced, web-enabled SCM solution purpose built for the modern manufacturer. The innovative solution enables effective collaboration and efficient execution between suppliers, regardless of the language or replenishment methodology used. Available both on-premise or as a Software as a Service (SaaS) model, this tool is built on Infor 10x technology, providing new capabilities on social business, analytics, intelligence and mobility.

What It Does

Using Infor ION’s unique event and workflow management, Infor Supplier Exchange offers a sleek, efficient new user interface. Designed to drive better performance from every part of the supply chain, the solution’s capabilities include:

  • Inventory tracking and visibility, including in-transit
  • Multiple replenishment methods, including Kanban and supplier-managed inventory
  • Discrete purchase order collaboration
  • Exception management
  • Automated supplier scheduling
  • Automated supplier performance rating
  • Fully integrated machine-to-machine Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), other web-based communications systems, and automated fax capabilities
  • Capabilities for compliance with communication and quality requirements for automotive suppliers
  • Web-based negotiation of purchase order items

Infor Supplier Exchange Benefits

Proven to lower supply chain costs, reduce inventory, and increase operational efficiencies, Infor Supplier Exchange delivers unmatched value, ensuring complete visibility over the entire supply chain by streamlining communications with partners, and creating powerful, real-time data connections.

Other Key Benefits include:

  • Extended ERP systems with integrated SCM
  • Support for multiple replenishment methods
  • Deployment of “pull” replenishment methodologies, including Kanban or SMI
  • Bring disparate ERP systems to a common platform with data from all customer sites presented in the same format
  • Standardise business processes and systems to display all supply information from all sources on a single platform
  • Cut costs, increase Return on Investment (ROI) and improve performance

Why Infor Supplier Exchange

This integrated, multi-tenant, cloud enabled solution synchronises enterprise data, automates workflow capabilities and offers a unique, ERP-agnostic approach. From Supply Chain Management to Automotive Replenishment, Supplier Performance and support for multiple currencies and multiple languages, it is the solution of choice for manufacturers in the Automotive, Industrial manufacturing, High tech, Aerospace & Defense, Food & Beverage, and Retail industries.

For more information about how Infor Supplier Exchange can revolutionise your supply chain collaboration, please contact Shanon Ramdaw at