How CRM systems work to your benefit in a changing world

The events of 2020 saw a rapid increase in the use and development of technology. Organisations had to rely on advanced and shifting technological solutions more than ever before. Circumstances led to a global pull to remote work set ups for businesses to remain lucrative.

This adjustment to remote working was most successfully seen in instances where cloud-based CRM systems, such as Salesforce, were utilised,” confirms Michael Bornheim, Solution Consultant at iOCO (Enterprise Applications).

How CRM Systems Benefit Functionality in a Changing World

With Mobile CRM

With organisations setting up remote working environments, many discovered that this way of working could cut back on costs substantially due to less overhead on office expenses. Mobile CRM helps to support this new world of work possibility,” says Bornheim.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Cloud-based CRM systems are easily updated to keep up to date with new enhancements and standards
  • Mobile CRM capabilities allow your businesses’ sales people access to vital information from any location
  • Information can be updated in real-time from anywhere at any time, allowing for quick decision making, increased competitive advantage, and enhanced problem resolution
  • Mobile CRM frees work from the desk, ensuring all business dealings can be handled from anywhere on any device

With Social Media Integration

Bornheim adds that, since its onset, social media has been a powerful force in the world of business marketing and growth. “Over the course of the last year and a half this power has grown substantially. People are sourcing more and more products and services online, and especially through social media.”

CRM allows for social media integration by:

  • Utilising social media as a source for new leads
  • Gaining information around current and future business prospects
  • Providing vital information for customer service agents
  • Available data from a customer is substantially enhanced and supplemented with new streams of social data for a more complete customer profiling

CRM, AI, and Beyond

Additionally, advanced CRM systems utilise artificial intelligence (AI) to evaluate available data and produce insightful company process recommendations. “This feature allows the CRM system to function as a trusted support for business decision makers. The use of AI also allows the CRM system to continually and automatically improve for optimal functioning and customer satisfaction,” concludes Bornheim.

In a time when the world is still rapidly changing and the future is difficult to predict, utilising an advanced CRM solution can provide immense support and stability.

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