Overcome the Current Climate: Embrace your Training Journey

2020 has not been the year anyone imagined it would be. The world has been forced to digitise, evolve, and adapt and job scarcity is at an all-time high. Today, the best way to ensure job security is to develop the skills needed to become indispensable. Now is the time to embrace the training journey; especially while online solutions offer time and value efficiencies. Particularly in the Information and Communications Technology space, organisations are using their assets to their benefit, and enhanced skills are a definite differentiator.

According to Johann Els, Head of Education at iOCO, a Qlik Elite Solution Provider, technology’s capabilities and functionalities are often limited by the user’s knowledge. The greater the skill of the user, the more powerful the tool becomes. Within the Qlik ecosystem, training is essential to ensure users can make better, more informed decisions centred around real-time data drawn from both internal and external sources.

To answer the needs of an ever-changing world, iOCO has developed a unique Qlik Training Journey Map. This empowers users across Africa to upskill their Qlik journey in a highly targeted manner, depending on their specific profile.

“We’ve created a journey for each type of user – including both business users (consumers, contributors, and app owners) and IT users (content administrators, business analysts, data analysts, web developers, system administrators, and enterprise architects),” adds Els. “Whether you’re simply interested in buying the software and want to learn more about it or are already a Qlik user and need to remain current in your area of expertise, this training is for you.”

With this approach, each trainee is afforded the opportunity to join the process at their level, and engage in training specifically designed to move them forward – not only in their use of the technology, but in their career paths too. The training duration ranges from half-day sessions, to three-day courses, depending on the track the trainee is following.

Users are urged to pursue a training journey, guided by iOCO’s recommended paths. “Our education specialists developed an eBook to guide users through their Qlik Training Journey,” confirms Zama Zondo, Marketing Manager for Qlik Software at iOCO. “We are incredibly excited about these guided, customised training journeys – tailored for users who are at different levels within the Qlik environment.”

Should a user wish to become a Business Analyst, for example, the eBook clearly describes which training should be completed to achieve this. Having seamlessly moved from physical training to online sessions, the training has continued uninterrupted and the organisation has embraced the “Qlik Continuous Classroom” as a learning platform.

During the collaborative training sessions, participants can interact with the instructors on a live platform. After completing the training, iOCO certificates of attendance are awarded and trainees are supplied with videos, PDF downloads, and access to the course material for a minimum of six months post training.

To Els, it is the trainers’ and instructors’ level of expertise that sets this training apart. “These trainers are not just facilitators delivering a learnt curriculum. They have spent 10 to 15 years of their professional careers consulting on and developing their own Qlik models. They understand the environment and the development process. Trainees can tap into this expertise when engaging with an instructor that has an enormous depth of skill, and this is incredibly beneficial,” says Els.

In addition to individual training sessions, the iOCO Qlik team offers specific training guidance to clients or users embarking on a QlikSense or Qlik View project. “With partnership comes connection, and we strive to partner with our customers and users to help them develop training plans which offer a tangible return on investment. The goal is to drive greater adoption and more efficient usage of the Qlik tools. This is where you will start to see the true value of the investment that you’ve made,” concludes Zama.


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