Every company is now a software company

Building your platforms and business ecosystems of tomorrow

iOCO: A truly open digital integrator and problem solver

We have the modern toolbox and diversity of skills necessary to make competitive advantage and business functionality happen for our clients and their customers by creating interconnected ecosystems that bridge the gap between past problems and future goals.

Open Source

Leverage the power of open source and make use of human-centred problem solving design techniques to define the outcomes you need to deliver.


Select, customise and implement the business functionality your organisation requires into the core of your architecture to ensure that everything is truly integrated instead of creating separate assets.

Digital Solutions

Provide digital solutions for problems with an outside-in approach, which allows for insights from consumers to flow into the business, which is key to driving successful optimisation of business, services and products.

We've moved from thinking differently about IT, to doing business differently. We're here to help you build modern, open, cloud-native apps.

We are the smart choice for companies looking for an open digital integrator partner because


We're not looking to ditch old-school tech, we're a journey partner that will look after and maximise existing legacy investments while ushering in new and innovative technologies.


We're obsessed with value, which means that for every technology solution we recommend there is a strong business case and it will deliver quantifiable value at every increment of the journey.


We're a modern software factory for clients, focusing on the development of high-end business applications using open source tools to deliver the desired business functionality and enable agility.

Need an open digital integrator journey partner that can help you solve legacy technology problems while preparing to take advantage of the opportunities in the Fourth Industrial Revolution?