Business Analytics

Technology, solutions and services to turn you into an analytics-driven company, by making sure you know your past, understand your present, and shape your future.


Growth, innovation, differentiation… these are top of mind of most CEOs and the world has moved beyond a technology feature, process efficiency and effectiveness era. The urgency to leverage IT assets for more agile, experimental and innovative business models is now centre stage.

Business Intelligence

At the heart of our business lies our ability to turn data into information. It sounds simple enough, but more often than not this poses a real challenge.

Predictive Analytics

The advancement of analytics has paralleled the advancement of big data in many big sectors. Both analytics and big data are currently on unstoppable trajectories.

Managed services

Over the years, we have come across many smaller organisations with little to no in-house capacity to run a successful business analytics initiative. We’ve also found that some larger corporates would rather stay focussed on their core competencies, and so need help with establishing and running their BI centre of excellence.

Project Management

We have been part of several successful BI and data warehouse initiatives across different industry sectors and has, as a result, worked with many project management methodologies.