CA Southern Africa delivers Symantec Enterprise Cloud to SA’s largest corporations

CA Southern Africa delivers Symantec Enterprise Cloud to SA’s largest corporations

Symantec Enterprise Cloud, a Broadcom cyber security solution, brings data-centric hybrid security for the largest and most complex organisations in the world. It enables enterprises to meet legal, regulatory and corporate data compliance requirements.

Symantec Enterprise Cloud also empowers today’s modern workforce to securely access sensitive company assets from anywhere. “It unifies intelligence across control points, enabling organisations to detect, block and remediate the newest generation of threats throughout their infrastructure,” says Nilesh Jivraj, CA Southern Africa, Cyber Security Sales Specialist. “From remote devices to on-premises data centres to cloud-deployed applications, Symantec Enterprise Cloud solves the critical cyber security challenges facing not only South Africa’s but the world’s biggest multinational corporations.”

Jivraj says today’s global organisations must adhere to stringent compliance regulations such as POPIA and GDPR, plus implement appropriate policies everywhere that data may be stored on-premises, in private data centres or in the cloud. “Personal health information, customer payment data and personally identifiable information are just a few examples of data that are subject to strict regulatory controls.

“Managing and auditing compliance and applying consistent controls to every data repository across a large, distributed organisation can be next to impossible and the stakes are high. For example, companies paid more than $1 billion in fines in 2021 alone for GDPR violations globally,” he confirms.

Symantec Enterprise Cloud provides pre-built templates for all major compliance regulations and allows compliance policies to be rolled out wherever enterprise data lives: both on-premises in private data centres or in the cloud. Symantec products across Broadcom portfolios support pre-built templates. This means that compliance controls can be applied consistently across an organisation, and a single governance team can manage all data risk and perform audits from one platform.

“Symantec Enterprise Cloud can enforce company-specific policies as well as using advanced policy engines. Organisational policies such as blocking attempts to copy sensitive data outside the organisation, providing additional security when an employee visits an unknown website, or blocking access to an unauthorised domain, can all be enforced using Symantec Enterprise Cloud. Policies can be pushed out on a per-employee basis and managed consistently from a single platform. Moreover, as an organisation migrates to the cloud, existing policies can easily be migrated from on-premises enforcement points to cloud-based enforcement,” notes Jivraj.

Compliance controls can be applied consistently across the organisation, and a single governance team can manage all data risk and perform audits from one platform migrated from on-premises enforcement points to a cloud-based enforcement.

Secure remote work

A confluence of factors has made it more challenging than ever for large enterprises to support secure access to sensitive resources for remote employees, while at the same time ensuring a positive user experience for these remote workers.

“Enterprise data today is everywhere – in corporate-owned data centres, in the public cloud and in third-party SaaS apps, often outside the direct control of the enterprise itself. Furthermore, there is no longer any sense of being inside or outside the enterprise network in today’s modern corporation, and this perimeter has disappeared forever. Almost every employee works remotely at least some of the time – a phenomenon that was obviously massively accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Also, it is not just full-time employees who access sensitive enterprise assets. Contractors, third-party suppliers and partners (many of whom connect on devices that are not controlled by the enterprise) all must securely and efficiently connect to enterprise data and applications to do their jobs. Symantec Enterprise Cloud has visibility across the entire spectrum of users, devices, networks, applications and data, both on-premises and in the cloud. This gives Symantec Enterprise Cloud a bird’s eye view of trust and allows an enterprise to enact appropriate controls for remote access.”

Jivraj says this is achieved, for example, by:

  • Triggering two-factor authentication when a contractor attempts to access proprietary source code from the organisation’s code repository.
  • Blocking access to sensitive information for a third-party vendor who is trying to log in from a location that is physically impossible for them to have moved to since they last logged in.

“Symantec Enterprise Cloud enforces policy at the cloud control point, without any traffic needing to first go to an on-premises data centre. This delivers the best possible combination of security and user experience,” he concludes.

Written by: Nilesh Jivraj, CA Southern Africa Cyber Security Specialist

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