Announcement Okta Partnership

Johannesburg – February 1, 2021 – iOCO is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Okta, Inc., a leading identity and access management company headquartered in San Francisco.

Okta provides cloud software that helps companies manage and secure user authentication into applications, and for developers to build identity controls into applications, website web services and devices.

iOCO’s partnership with Okta, Inc bolsters the security portfolio to provide end-to-end identity for the enterprise – helping organisations balance providing simple, secure user access with meeting complex compliance and security requirements.

To increase efficiency and productivity, enterprises are adopting more cloud applications, building and deploying their own cloud solutions – all while maintaining significant on-premises infrastructure. The most effective way to maintain security and compliance in this increasingly complex and largely heterogeneous environment is to monitor and protect an individual’s identity.

iOCO, through Okta security solutions, can provide organisations with an even stronger identity solution that securely and effectively authenticates, provisions and governs access to all applications and data across the enterprise. Enterprises can manage a user’s access throughout the entire lifecycle, including initial onboarding, providing secure single sign-on and multi-factor authentication for application access, and automated off-boarding as users change roles or leave an organization.

Key identity functions such as access certification and provisioning of any application, self-service support for password resets, and access requests are all automated. By introducing Okta to the portfolio, iOCO believes this would bolster the Proofpoint offering by extending the people-centric security approach. Proofpoint locks down email, data, cloud and Okta secures users and the resources they access. Okta achieves this by applying adaptive security policies to your users, including enforcing stronger authentication requirements for your most targeted people.

iOCO’s partnership with Salesforce gives them a unique perspective where Okta can make the stack of your choice work better for you by securely adopting and automating any technology from cloud to the ground with the Okta Integration Network.