Achieve maximum value from Business Critical Applications with EDQ

It is imperative that all organisations can achieve maximum value from business-critical applications. The Oracle Enterprise Data Quality family of products helps organisations do just that.

According to Debbie Fernandes, Business Unit Head - Oracle Services at iOCO, these products deliver fit-for-purpose data, for improved operational efficiency; the identification of new opportunities; and better compliance with industry and/or government regulations.

Purpose-Built Data Quality with EDQ

“The Oracle Enterprise Data Quality family of products has been specifically designed with superior data quality in mind,” explains Fernandes.

Data quality problems are complex and plague almost all businesses in varying areas and degrees. Oracle’s EDQ recognises these differences and is tailored to provide built-in capabilities to address each one.

EDQ Key Product Features

  • Profile, Audit, and Dashboards:
    • Provide pivotal insights and visibility needed to start a tactical data quality project, or an enterprise-wide data governance initiative
    • Uncover and quantify data problems and areas of discrepancy
    • Audit rules measure the quality of data against business rules
    • Data quality dashboards allow problems to be quickly identified and efficiently dealt with
  • Parsing and Standardisation:
    • Data can be transformed and standardised
    • Structured information from freeform text
    • Data used to optimise value to business applications
  • Match and Merge:
    • Supports a large variety of activities
    • Parties can be matched at different levels
    • Individuals and corporates can utilise this effectively
    • Pre-built templates with fully flexible rules for a tailor made fit
  • Case Management:
    • Missing or incorrect data records can be placed in a ‘case management’ queue for manual review and remediation
    • Can be prioritised according to business rules
    • Useful as part of a system migration or consolidation
  • Address Verification:
    • Global coverage for address verification and geocoding, adding geocode or postal code for 240+ countries
    • Offers robust parsing, transliteration, and standardisation for any address
  • Product Data Extension:
    • Semantic-based recognition with auto- learning
    • Item classification, attribute extraction, and standardisation, with standardised descriptions in any language
    • The ability to extract similar and related matches, and merge records based on survivorship rules
    • Handle multiple product categories and variability

EDQ for Optimum Integration

Oracle Enterprise Data Quality products can be used with any MDM, data integration, or ETL system and/or solution, but comes pre-integrated with Oracle Customer Hub and Oracle Product Hub, and Oracle’s flagship product for data movement and transformation, the Oracle Data Integrator. “These integrated solutions enhance an already efficient and effective product offering,” concludes Fernandes.

These key features highlight that, with EDQ, organisations have the range and ability to achieve maximum value from business-critical applications.

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