Accelerating your digital strategy with MySQL

Today, a business without a sound digital strategy is dead in the water. The fourth industrial revolution had already picked up pace before the COVID-19 pandemic hurtled the world into a remote working, digitally-driven space. As the boundaries between the physical and digital worlds continue to blur, strategic action is essential.

In the upcoming iOCO Webinar: “Accelerating Your Digital Strategy with MySQL – iOCO and Oracle”, industry leaders will share how to power the business of tomorrow, today.

According to Michele Peruch, Business Development Manager at iOCO, Enterprise Applications, MySQL (supported by Oracle) offers every business the opportunity to innovate and digitise in a powerful and affordable way.

The purpose of the webinar, which will be held on Tuesday, 21 September 2021 from 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM (SAST), is threefold.

“Experts in the field will share three key elements with attendees, while highlighting the immense potential in the current South African market. The first element is the benefits of MySQL in a digital strategy, from purchasing to support, and making use of all of the product features – available in a cloud consumption model.

"The second is what can be expected from the recent MySQL update and the beneficial features that this offers. Lastly, the agenda will cover the advantages of real-time analytics, and how MySQL’s analytics tool – Heatwave – delivers extreme performance, cost reduction and scalability for the cloud,” confirms Peruch.

Essentially, attendees will gain insight into the expected roadmap for product development, MySQL’s cloud strategy, and the benefits this offers their businesses. Driving value for all stakeholders, iOCO’s MySQL services include general consulting, implementation and build, migration, database managed services, and dedicated database support.

“The MySQL open-source tech stack offers immense benefits at a fraction of the cost; but many users are operating the model without support and are therefore not reaping its full benefits. Here managed services become incredibly advantageous,” adds Peruch.

As a result, a key focus of the webinar will be to help attendees align their business, their customers’ landscapes, and the rewards that MySQL can bring.

“Ideal attendees range from IT managers to application owners, developers, CIOs, development decision-makers, and DevOps. We look forward to sharing the immense product benefits, and how MySQL is driving digitisation across Africa,” concludes Peruch.

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