Changing the World, One Conversation at a Time

With such phenomenal disruption taking place around us recently, thinking differently and working differently should be a priority for everyone. Why? Because changing the world starts with an exchange.

Imagine what would have happened if Marc Randolph and his pal Reed Hastings never had that chat about late returns at the DVD store. Nothing. And imagine life without Netflix (or Showmax, if that’s your flavour) and binge-watching series. The point is every success story began with a conversation and the sooner we start having these discussions with our colleagues and partners, the sooner we can help our customers achieve their digital ambitions.

Thinking differently: beyond the silo

Real problem solving isn’t possible with the same mind-set that created the challenge in the first place. As we move into the realm of Anything-as-a-Service, our clients will look to us for the service, support and functionality their businesses need to thrive. Being a journey partner for our clients requires us to break down the silos within our own business. We need to realign our thinking around our customers and work across disciplines to take a multi-faceted approach to servicing our customers.

As an organisation, we need to develop an appreciation for change – because it’s the only constant in business. In order to help companies address the need for transformation in their organisations, we have to be able to help them navigate a two-speed world. By looking after what they already have while ushering in capacity for competitiveness and innovation, we can create the foundation for sustainable digital success.

How do we do that? Well, by stepping out of our siloes, unifying our skills and specialties under our brand – stronger together. We’re on a journey of our own, to establish ourselves as Africa’s unrivalled cloud systems integrator. This is within our reach because we’ve already pivoted from thinking differently about IT to doing business differently, by reinventing ourselves constantly.

Cross-Engagement: Where does Cloud fit in?

Apps, Digital, Data, Analytics, Services, Security – The right cloud platform enables it all and we have all the cloud muscle in-house. Whether hybrid, multi-cloud, private or public, we can architect, implement and manage them all – and we’re also certified experts in all of the leading public clouds. Cloud touches every element of every client’s IT requirements, no matter the line of business, Cloud should be in on every customer conversation.

After all, this is no longer a competition. It’s an opportunity to collaborate on our customer’s exponential future growth by thinking differently, together, to solve the problems of today and build the platforms of tomorrow.

Start the conversation with Cloud.

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