Oracle NetSuite

NetSuite and iOCO

Your partner on your digital transformation journey. We are people that understand that ERP solutions are business enablers and not IT enablers and that your core business is what generates revenue and the profits.

What is your current challenge?

Outdated Technologies:

  • I am constantly taking my “eye of the ball” to attend to IT infrastructure problems!
  • I am frequently sitting with a downtime situation just when a critical system driven task has to executed
  • My current ERP is not User Friendly

How can we help you

The NetSuite product was “born in the cloud” and provides you with a true peace of mind “Software as a Service (SaaS)” model, where uptime is guaranteed!

At iOCO we have the skills and experience needed to assist you to SOLVE your business problems as a leading NetSuite partner

The NetSuite solution is built in a “user centric” manner, where a single role driven dashboard is at the heart of the user experience

Data is replicated and synchronized across global Data Centers (DC). In the event that a primary fail, all operations fail over to secondary DCs. NetSuite addresses security under four major categories: physical Network security, Data Center security, Database security and Application security

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