SAP classic finance to FLEX\GL Migration

Rebuild FLEX GL with document splitting.
Apply new splitting rules to existing financial documents.

Migrate to FLEXGL at a time when your team has the time to focus on testing.

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Free yourself from converting at year end

Roadmap to S/4

Implement Document Splitting

Implement additional reporting ledgers

Build FLEX GL from Classic GL

Migrate History

Migrate Open Items

Convert from Non-Split to Document Split Flex

Adapt to changes to the business hierarchy

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Success Stories

REFLEX announces another successful FLEX/GL migration and at platinum mine. With 20 years of data, 90 million line items migrated and a business restructure, Reflex stood front and center on delivery.

Reflex Migrates Platinum Mine

Reflex excited to be selected by Coca-Cola Cambodia for their SAP Flex/GL migration.

Reflex selected for Coca-Cola Cambodia conversion

REFLEX has another success story at AEL. With fantastic support from implementation partners the conversion was done quickly, effectively and in budget.

Reflex migrates Flex/GL for AEL

Using Reflex, the EOH SAP team reprocessed all historic financial documents to ensure that all journals were accounted for in the new Funds Management Ledger, with all characteristics populated and mapped accordingly. By reprocessing all historic documents we were also able to put new business rules through its paces to ensure that the solution was robust and complete.

Reflex builds mSCOA for Amathole District Municipality

Intelligens, recently rebranded to iOCO, is pleased to announce a successful FLEX-GL conversion with REFLEX. Intelligens, recently rebranded to iOCO, teamed up with the Britehouse finance team to implement and build additional non-leading ledgers with different fiscal year variants as well as historic corrections to the leading ledger.

The project successfully converted Coca-Cola Vietnam and Coca-Cola Myanmar.

Reflex success with Coca-Cola Vietnam & Myanmar

Intelligens, recently rebranded to iOCO, is pleased to announce another successful REFLEX  project with the massively successful migration of Classic Finance to SAP FlexGL for BELL South Africa.

Partnering with Alliance Enterprise Consulting, the conversion team saw a seemless migration to FlexGL with document splitting. With the production conversion run being done over a single day.

Reflex success at Bell Equipment FlexGL conversion

REFLEX,the popular new-GL conversion tool has just been upgraded. The new migration tool is packed with new features making the conversion simpler, easier to control, understandable and drives the project delivery process. With added support functionality for non-leading ledgers, post conversion fixes and reconciliation reports. This product is a must have for all SAP customers thinking of going over to the SAP New-GL ( FlexGL ) and customers using FlexGL who want to implement additional reporting ledgers.

Reflex 1.17 – The all new migration tool for SAP FlexGL has arrived

Intelligens, recently rebranded to iOCO, announces Reflex. A simple yet advanced tool to migrate finance from classic to flex gl with document splitting.  No year end constraints and it can load open items. Being capable of rolling flex gl back to a point, adjusting document splitting rules then rolling forward workout affecting classic finance data is an essential tool for customers who already have flex gl and customers wanting to migrate.

REFLEX for FlexGl migration

Intelligens announces successful REFLEX project with Ster Kinekor. Using REFLEX the team was able to successfully migrate to Flex GL with Document Splitting. The conversion run was achieved under 8 hours and seen as a massive success to all involved.

REFLEX – Ster Kinekor a successful conversion

Reflex developed to migrate FLEX-GL. Enabling conversion from Classic GL to Flex GL with Document Splitting.