Accelerate innovation with dynamic application security

There are hundreds of thousands of apps developed every year, used for everything from the back ends of enterprises to collaboration among teammates. As more apps get integrated into the day-to-day running of companies, the more vulnerabilities corporates have to worry about.

Most security breaches today occur because of application vulnerabilities – not because they have been poorly developed, but because many apps use existing code in order to speed up the development process. In fact, 80% of application code comes from open-source libraries.

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Companies therefore not only need to secure the code they write, but also the code they consume from open-source components. This is easier said than done, especially considering that 62% of organisations do not have any control over what components are used in their applications.

iOCO and Sonatype allow you to identify all vulnerabilities during development,
ensuring application security, code quality, and compliance.

Smarter, more secure AppDev

Our solution was designed to continuously monitor for problems at every stage of the application development life cycle, and to identify potential issues along the way. Any identified issues are automatically resolved using your own policies, enabling teams to build software secure enough to satisfy the most stringent security requirements without sacrificing speed or innovation.

Our systems use auto-learning and behaviour analysis to automatically build security policies, taking the manual process out of enforcing security and compliance requirements. However, in those instances where you choose not to use automated remediation, we give you the insight you need to make the most informed decision to efficiently resolve any open-source component or dependency issue manually.

iOCO and Sonatype bring component intelligence into the tools that developers use every day. They can quickly see right in their IDE or source control if a component they’ve selected has violated any open-source policies, and can select the best components based on real-time insights and move to an approved version with a few clicks. Our solution integrates with the pipeline and development tools you’re already using, so you don’t have to waste any of your time adapting to new tools or processes

Streamline security and risk management

We take risk management and dynamic application security to the next level, allowing you to streamline the build and releases process, knowing your apps are secure at every stage of development. With integration to Micro Focus Fortify, DevSecOps teams can gain a 360-degree view of application security issues across the entire development lifecycle.

We allow you to build security into every phase of the development lifecycle, helping to prevent malicious and potentially compromised components from entering your applications. Continuous monitoring and automated malware detection shorten the gap from the time a vulnerability is discovered to the time your team can implement a security fix.

Our integrated solution goes beyond a simple comparison of declared dependencies against the National Vulnerability Database (NVD). Using natural language processing, it dynamically monitors GitHub commits, open-source projects, advisory websites, Google search alerts, Index, and several vulnerability sites. In addition, a dedicated team of security experts regularly discovers new vulnerabilities and adds them to the proprietary knowledge base.

Fix faster

Secure rapid application development is easy when you know precisely what's in your apps and containers. iOCO and Sonatype provide detailed software bill of materials reporting, providing complete visibility into your open-source risk profile through dashboards, reports, and success metrics.

Our solution also allows you to easily find and fix container vulnerabilities and compliance issues. We continuously scan during build, monitor images in registries, and run automated tests for security compliance to ensure we catch vulnerabilities early in the container development cycle. If an issue is found, our admission controls and policy enforcement keep vulnerable images from deploying.


Data Loss Protection and prevent zero-day malware and network attacks, tunnelling, and breaches.


Intellectual property and ensure compliance


Security vulnerability tools into git repositories you already use


Attacks through scaled secure development practices across dev and ops teams


An evolving database of known vulnerabilities and help your team detect threats and inconsistencies before the chance of an attack

iOCO and Sonatype make secure rapid application development easy:


faster feedback loops


fewer breaking changes


faster release velocity


faster assessment of open-source license risks


reduction in remediation time for open-source vulnerabilities in new applications


 reduction in legal exposure

Need help creating 100% secure apps?

iOCO and Sonatype reduce security vulnerabilities at every step of the development lifecycle.

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