DigiHub is your go-to digital solution. From developing custom e-learning for an interactive and engaging learning experience to creating eye-catching marketing materials and implementing a combination of additional digital solutions, DigiHub has got it all.

Why we're awesome

We are experts in providing top-notch digital learning solutions and in partnering with you to implement them. Over the last 15 years, we have delivered a large number of digital learning solutions including e-learning, animated videos and a range of additional digital solutions such as change management tools and photobooths.

We do extensive analysis to ensure that the recommended solutions are fit-for purpose and directed at achieving your desired business outcomes.

Our team has a range of skills specialising in various disciplines required for the creation of effective learning, communication, video and system implementations. Our customised process and project management tools ensure strict adherence to timelines and budget.

Due to the nature of our products, all of our work can be implemented remotely. We have various digital platforms available to ensure smooth and easy communication with our clients.

Digital Content Solutions

Digital Learning Solutions

Our flexible and cost-effective digital content solutions provide your employees with an engaging learning experience at their fingertips.


  • e-Learning - Highly engaging and interactive virtual learning on desktop or mobile
  • Micro-learning - Easy to digest short bursts of learning for staff on the go
  • Responsive learning - Cost-effective, web-based learning on desktop or mobile
  • Interactive PDF - Effective and easy to distribute learning aids
  • PowerPoint presentation - Professionally designed presentations
  • Virtual reality - Life-simulating learning experiences
  • SnapGuides - Cost-effective, short guides to aid learning
  • Video - Motion graphics and animations to support learning

What’s more, there are no licence fees and your employees can have unlimited access to these resources from any location.

Marketing Material Creation

Our range of impactful marketing services is focused on getting your message to the people memorably, impactfully and quickly.

  • Printed media - Print-ready design (brochures, leaflets, posters, business cards, flyers)
  • Large format printed media - Visual media like banners, billboards and advertisements
  • Mailer - Corporate identity themed communication and mail templates
  • PowerPoint presentations - Professionally designed presentations
  • Interactive PDF - Professional presentation of  documents for web or email
  • Video - Brand, product or people marketing using motion graphics and animation
  • Photobooth - Corporate photos to enhance professional image and brand
  • Infographic - Eye-catching visual messages for easy digestion and distribution
  • Document branding - Application and guidance on document branding
  • Website UX and UI - Prototype designs for user-friendly websites

Digital Add-on Services


On top of our digital content solutions, we provide the following:

  1. Translations – we partner with professionals to deliver content in a wide range of languages.
  2. Generic off-the-shelf content – we have access to content libraries, including soft skills training.
  3. Articulate 360 training – after analysing your specific training needs, we provide bespoke online or virtual classroom training and also offer post-course support and coaching.

Adoption Management Tools

On top of our learning and marketing content solutions, we provide the following:


Themed change management communication support mailers and mail templates

Mailers can support change management initiatives, launches, marketing updates and help to communicate your message.

Digital banners and visual assets

Attractive media used in communication to create employee awareness and adoption

Banners can help you drive employee adoption of the new digital solutions, with messages that make an impact and raise awareness.


Most effective change communication solution

Videos are the most effective medium to communicate the reason for change in an engaging way. They combine editing/motion graphics and animation in a creative story that makes adoption easy.


Shareable, concise and easily digestible visual messages

Infographics make adoption of complex information easy in an eye-catching, shareable and digestible format. These can be printed, emailed or designed for your PowerPoint presentations.

Why should you choose DigiHub?

With our unique team dynamic, we become a reliable extension of your team as we journey together on the road to your business’s digital transformation. We promise to provide you with excellent value for money by cutting out unnecessary costs, while offering customised best-of-breed solutions. DigiHub really is your go-to digital transformation solution.

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