Data Virtualisation

Save time and money when you accelerate digital transformation initiatives with data virtualisation - the fastest, most cost-effective way to integrate all the organisation’s data so that it is easily accessible and usable from a single abstraction layer.

Denodo iOCO Partner

The Denodo Platform connects to countless data sources in order to combine and present data in business-friendly format to multiple data users.

Integrate data siloed across all enterprise systems, regardless of format, location, or latency.

Access, manage and deliver data without transferring or replicating it in a physical repository.

Provide a centralised secure layer to catalog, search, discover, and govern unified data.

Enable real-time delivery of integrated data to business applications.

With iOCO + Denodo,
companies can:

  • Smoothly integrate multiple cloud and legacy systems to assimilate all data throughout the enterprise.
  • Modernise their data landscape without replacing expensive hardware.
  • Cut costs by reducing the need to store and physically move data.
  • Deliver real-time, authoritative data to users through tailored, purpose-built solutions.
Harness intelligent technologies like AI, machine learning, the Internet of Things (IoT), and advanced analytics.

How data virtualisation works

Data virtualisation uses a three-step process to deliver a single view of data across the enterprise:

Connect to any data source

Databases, logical data warehouses, cloud applications, multi-cloud data, big data repositories, and even Excel files.

Combine any type of data

Related information is aggregated into business views irrespective of format — relational databases, noSQL, Hadoop, web services and Cloud APIs and files, etc.

Consume data in any format

Use data for reports, dashboards, portals, mobile, and Web applications.

Data virtualisation provides a full-fledged data discovery and search system, complete with data security.

Bridge the gap between IT and business with a data virtualisation platform that has all the capabilities of a logical data fabric:

  • Dynamic data catalog for semantic search and enterprise wide data governance.
  • Industry-leading query acceleration powered by machine learning.
  • Automated infrastructure management for multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud scenarios.
  • Embedded data preparation capabilities for self-service analytics and reporting.

Supercharge your organisation’s Data Management in a Multi-Cloud Environment using the Denodo Platform.

Data virtualisation simplifies and powers many critical business functions. Some key solutions include:

Master Data Management/Customer-centricity

  • 360-degree view of the customer
  • Multi-cloud data management

Data Governance

  • GRC
  • GDPR
  • PoPI
  • Data privacy/masking
  • Data compliance
  • B-BBEE compliance

Data Services

  • Data as a Service
  • Data Marketplace
  • Data Services
  • Application and Data Migration

Business Intelligence & Analytics

  • Self-Service Analytics
  • Logical Data Warehouse
  • Enterprise Data Fabric

Big Data

  • Logical Data Lake
  • Data Warehouse offloading
  • IoT Analytics

Cloud Solutions

  • Cloud modernisation
  • Cloud analytics
  • Hybrid Data Fabric

Working together, iOCO and Denodo can help companies to gain the expected benefits of digital transformation and multi-cloud data integration to remain competitive in an era of digital disruption.

The Denodo virtualisation platform:

  • Supports legacy and modern data sources so that infrastructure can be updated without replacing existing data investments.
  • Forms a layer between data sources and users that simplifies the aggregation and utilisation of multiple data sources.
  • Contains no data on the platform itself, instead only the metadata required to access each source is used.
  • Presents users with a real-time view across multiple data sources to allow a single version of the truth.
  • Enables queries across unrelated sources without having to understand their different requirements





Multi-Cloud Data Integration & Management with Denodo and iOCO

Take a look at some of the iOCO solutions that can be built on the Denodo Platform, depending on how you need to use timely, trustworthy data drawn from across the entire organisation.

Solutions powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  • 360-Degree View of the Customer: Combine all available customer data to build detailed customer profiles.
  • Credit Scoring: Leverage countless data sources to determine loan eligibility or assign credit scores.
  • Churn Analytics: Determine churn risk by analysing intelligence across channel and departmental boundaries.
  • Fraud Detection: Immediately identify transaction anomalies to determine fraud risk and enable rapid intervention.

SAP Accelerators

Through these solutions, iOCO establishes virtual data marts that connect to SAP ERP Central Component (ECC) subject areas.

The SAP Accelerators streamlines the creation of data models and semantic layers to enable the delivery of up to 20 different specialised reports within required data models.

Prebuilt data virtual models for SAP for the following SAP modules:

  • Materials Management
  • General Ledger
  • Sales and Distribution
  • Accounts Receivable (AR) and Accounts Payable (AP)

With instant access to verified data, business leaders can:

  • Make timely decisions
  • Compete effectively
  • Improve business performance
  • All while saving money

With a 360-degree view of the customer:

  • Chief risk officers can effectively analyse and mitigate risk.
  • Chief marketing officers can improve campaign performance.
  • Chief information officers can speed up business outcomes at a lower cost.


Increase in business user productivity


Reduction in development resources


Time savings compared to traditional integration methods


reduction in IT operational costs


acceleration of data delivery using data services

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