MiniApp Development @ Vodacom VFS

Mini App Loans

A mini app within the Vodapay super app, providing customers with the functionality to apply for a small loan;

Super App Payments Integration
(Vodapay/Traderoot )

Super App Payments Integration
(Vodapay/Traderoot )

Customer profile

Customer information/data required for Vodapay app and miniapps;

Vodacom Wallet & Card Top-up

Vodapay card and top up balance management;

Credit and background checks

Integration with ChanelVAS system for credit information and background checks.

Web Services & Datastore
development (AWS)

- Database Support -
Aurora, DynamoDB, RDS
- API Gateway
- Step-functions
- Lambdas
- Cloudwatch

Back End development
(Javascript & JSON)

- Architecture and Project Setup
- Navigation and Routing
- Backend Logic and Validation for Front End screens
- Integration and Endpoint setup
- Testing and Mock Environments

technical support

- Front End design and development
- Bootstrap
- Alipay (Miniapp framework) Component Library
- Custom Components