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Major Insurance Corporation

iOCO successfully partners with Micro Focus CyberRes to create a secure test data solution with Data Privacy Manager.Move Towards Agile Development Demands More Stringent Data Security This organization maintains a businesscritical application that has been in place for decades. Among the massive volumes of data captured and consumed by the organization is sensitive data that, […]

Innovation is about Solving Problems

The third decade of the new millennium is firmly underway, and everything is moving so quickly. We are told to improve, to perform, to innovate! In fact, the drive towards innovation has become an integral part of almost any corporate landscape. Unfortunately, very few companies take the time to unpack what innovation really is. They […]

How to get the full benefits of testing automation

Products can’t go to market without being thoroughly tested, but the testing process can often be a bottleneck that prevents an organisation from realising the benefit of taking new features to clients. Limiting companies’ abilities to increase revenue generation and obtaining a competitive advantage. It’s clear that organisations cannot rely on manual resources to test […]

One+One=Three – Why you still need system integrators

Businesses today have a lot of options when it comes to software development. Whether they choose to go the custom, bespoke route, or use out-of-the-box products, there is a level of fine-tuning required to make sure the software meets the organisation’s needs. With the use of cloud solutions increasing across industries and sectors, most companies […]

Exponential organisations are data driven

The term “exponential organisation” came to the fore some years ago when author Salim Ismail outlined new paradigms in organisational design and described businesses that were able to fast-track traditional growth and make 10x the impact or grow 10x faster than other companies. Ismail described several characteristics that made them distinct from traditional organisations, including […]

How CFOs can derive significant business benefit from the cloud

For years, conversations around the benefits that the cloud brings to business have centred on innovation and agility, with a focus on how organisations could become and remain more competitive. With the massive changes the Covid-19 pandemic has brought, though, companies have started having different conversations, and are now looking at how the cloud can […]

Cloud Adoption Framework

There are several different variations to the Cloud Adoption Framework. It seems like every hyperscale cloud provider has their own iteration of this. If you do a Google search for Cloud Adoption Framework, you will find results based on AWS, GCP, Azure, even Oracle Cloud, and others. Luckily, they all seem to follow the same […]