We exist to solve.

Remote-first companies will lead the new world of work with increased efficiencies both operationally and economically. Together we can solve for COVID-19 and the biggest workplace revolution in history.

iOCO is your digital journey partner in an exponential future.

Together as South Africans, we can, through our creativity and entrepreneurial spirit deliver rapid-impact solutions that protect our county’s workforce and contribute towards rebuilding the South African economy.

Stephen van Coller, Group CEO

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Broadcom Identity and Access Management

Give more people more access to disparate applications in less time with Broadcom Identity Governance and Administration.

Salesforce Workforce Health Management

With our salesforce health management solution, you can monitor infected individuals, identify those at risk, and manage your team’s health.

Arcserve Back Up and Recovery

Trust your business-critical information to Arcserve, an industry proven, all-in-one disaster recovery and backup solution.

Kofax SignDoc

Enable trustworthy, secure, and convenient paperless signing with Kofax SignDoc.

Huawei Cloud

With Huawei Cloud, you get free usage quotas for business-enhancing services like cloud servers, databases, storage, and much more.

Symantec Secure Remote Workforce

Take a load off and boost security with Symantec’s cloud-hosted solutions for remote access, email, web, and SaaS protection and compliance.

AWS WorkSpaces

Enable your remote workers to securely use the applications they need, while collaborating on documents with colleagues – no matter where they are.

Kaizania PI Planning & Agile Training for Remote Work

Don’t worry. You’re not the only business that’s never had to manage a remote team. But we can show you how to connect your people and keep them motivated and productive.

Digital Learning

Enforce a culture of self-development and learning with DigiSolve. Delivered from the cloud and accessible from anywhere, on any device, our flexible, e-learning solution reduces training costs and includes tools to support change management initiatives.

Broadcom Privileged Access Management

Broadcom Privileged Access Management prevents security breaches by protecting sensitive administrative credentials, controlling privileged user access, proactively enforcing security policies, and more.