Multi-Cloud Environment

Get the best cloud fit for your data, applications and performance demands

Leveraging multiple cloud platforms and services gives enterprises the power to support a diverse application portfolio to meet the varying IT consumption needs across the business at an optimal level.

iOCO’s Multi-Cloud Environment

Forget multiple partnerships with multiple strategic cloud providers. Forget complex management, risky deployments and confusing contracts and bills.

These are just some of the headaches that come with opting to have many cloud vendors instead of just one, as companies learn the hard way that there is no such thing as one cloud fits all.

iOCO is ready to take the hard work, complexity and risk out of managing your organisation’s multi-cloud environment.

As Africa’s most capable cloud systems integrator, we give businesses the tools to achieve a multi-cloud environment that is secure, efficient and dynamic, tailoring an end-to-end ecosystem of cloud solutions, from public to private or hybrid - whether provisioned on owned infrastructure or within the iOCO environment.

Our skills, knowledge and deep expertise gives us the necessary perspective to guide you through the complete journey of setting up a multi-cloud environment with the aim of gaining the right advantages of the best technology the industry has to offer at the lowest cost to be used in the most beneficial ways.

  • We have partnerships with all the leading global cloud platform providers so we can consult, mediate and facilitate cloud computing functionality selection for you.
  • Our unified cloud service and brokering skills give your organisation the best of multiple clouds, from varying providers through a single partner.

We enable a better way of working

By bringing together immense creative human potential with the best technology to create a reality that brings out the best in people we’re building a world that is more connected, more human, more curious and open.

  • With you every step of the way
  • Putting an end to physical limitations
  • Going beyond SLAs with managed services

Gain the advantages of a simplified multi-cloud approach

  • Better availability and enhanced performance
  • Improved manageability and visibility
  • Increased security and risk mitigation

Our unique cloud brokering model gives your business the right advice from a single provider with the expertise and skills from the traditional to the technologies of tomorrow.

We have all the right partnerships with leading global cloud providers:

Red Hat
Google Cloud
VM Ware
Oracle Partner
Amazon AWS Partner

Central Cloud Management Console

Our unique cloud management platform has the ability to access, provision and manage all of your cloud resources and services in a few easy steps. Whether public, private or hybrid - iOCO provides a single dashboard to master your multi-cloud environment.

Common cloud management

Common cloud management

Governance and security

Governance and security

Monitoring and  real-time usage reports

Monitoring and real-time usage reports

Performance evaluations

Performance evaluations

Transparent billing in local currency

Transparent billing in local currency

Unified Cloud Management Platform

Access, provision and manage all cloud services through our central compute management platform. Gain complete control and visibility over all your clouds, whether private, public, or hybrid.

Amazon Well Architect

iOCO is a Digital Workspace Competancy Partner

Fine-tune how you run, build and secure your AWS environment with a certified AWS Partner by your side in a full-service total customer lifecycle engagement.

We’ll help you define a realistic cloud journey

Together we’ll reinvent your business models to achieve your digital ambitions, using multi-cloud to deliver agile infrastructure at scale.