Close the data literacy divide

Data is the foundation of the digital economy.
Technology helps transforms data into insights.
People drive actions that transform business.

But Business digital transformation is hindered by a lack of talent.

increased data literacy

Reap rewards from increased data literacy

Companies are collecting more data than ever, no matter what industry they are in. Retailers micro-inspect our purchasing history, airlines measure why flights are on time, and just about every service call, email, and interaction is tracked. The benefit of all this data is that companies can figure out how to better solve customer needs, improve their services and operations, and make better decisions.

However, there’s still a big problem: Most of us are not very good at interpreting and making sense of all this data.

A recent Gartner survey of chief data officers found that poor data literacy is one of the top three barriers in building strong data and analytics teams, while a data literacy survey by Accenture of more than 9000 employees in a variety of roles found that only 21% were confident in their data literacy skills. In short, companies need more people with the ability to interpret data, to draw insights, and, ultimately, to ask the right questions.

That’s why we have developed a data literacy education solution designed to help create more data literate individuals, enabling organisations to achieve a better return on their data investments.

Invest in a data-driven future

Considering that higher data literacy levels are linked to improved organisational performance, averaging a 3-5% increase, it’s no wonder that Gartner believes that 80% of companies will invest in data literacy education. Our solution has been designed to encompass all areas of data literacy training, from assessment, to implementation and adoption.

We help you understand your organisational data literacy levels, creating a customised data literacy programme. We also work with organisations to enable continuous data literacy progress.

Drive data literacy adoption throughout the organisation

Starting with a face-to-face workshop with decision makers to understand your organisation, we offer a comprehensive assessment of the current data literacy level of the organisation. An online assessment allows feedback from employees for a more accurate measurement of data literacy level.

Once the as-is state has been established, we provide role-appropriate training to establish an effective data literacy foundation. Whether they are individuals who have not yet recognised the value of data in the organisation or had training in foundational data concepts, individuals that that work with data but need guidance on visualising data and leveraging the current investment in data platforms, or individuals that understand data but struggle to present the value of the data, we offer data literacy training tailored to them.

Our data literacy training is delivered through an e-learning platform, with a Nekst instructor or your own instructor providing optional support. We also provide a train the trainer programme as well as outsourced support.

With improved data literacy levels, your business will gain improved efficiency, return on data investment, as well as faster and better data-driven decision-making. This also helps enable data-driven digital transformation and an effective way to retain valuable skilled resources.

Need help gaining the data literacy skills to gain the actionable insights your business needs to stay ahead?

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