ITAG™ is an AI approach to supporting SAP systems. It provides an understanding of the SAP configuration, custom development and hidden enhancements made over time.

The product was first launched in 2013 with the intention to build a Support Database that allowed new support teams to have a rapid understanding of the developments and configurations done in a system. While promoted as a tool to be used during a project, it can retrospectively build its search repository. A spin off from this product provide clarity on transports being migrated, providing reports with better insight into the customising that was done, including screenshots of the configuration in the IMG.

ITAG is a solution for:

  • Companies with a history of multiple projects or completing a com plex project would benefit from ITAG’s ability to keep track of changes and guide support back to critical configuration or development.
  • Support teams taking over the support of a system the y never implemented would benefit from ITAG.
  • Support staff who wer e not present on the project would benefit from easily tracking back to where the configuration was done.