When data leads,

financial results led transformation follows.

Qlik Sense gives Finance Directors and Finance Managers in your business the power to see more clearly.

Reporting Financial Results faces a host of challenges.

  • Convert low level IS and BS reports into a consolidated view for the company requires working with multiple spreadsheets.
  • Drilling down from an IS or BS into the detail is difficult, and often requires further reports to be extracted.
  • This makes identifying the variances in the summaries easy, but finding the causes of the variances difficult.
  • Combining more than one data source, e.g. Income Statement from the General Ledger, with budgets from a spreadsheet is time consuming and error prone.

5 fundamental reasons why the Qlik Sense Finance Accelarator is the solution.

  • Extract the lowest level account transactions from your ERP system directly. No reports or extracts required.
  • Combine account information into configurable, summarized analysis views like Income Statements and Balance Sheets.
  • Enable user to drill from high-level reports down to the individual transactions with a few clicks.
  • Combine Actual Transactions with Budgets.
  • Shows tracking of Actuals vs Budgets over time, with the ability to drill down to detailed levels.

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