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Doing digital transformation right

By Brian Harding, Head of iOCO Digital Digital transformation has been a business buzzword for many years now, but while most organisations have already embarked on the journey, they often forget that digital transformation always needs to be viewed in the context of the end consumer. Typically, organisations embark on a digital transformation journey to […]

Modernise your VMware workloads Campaign

Accelerate your cloud journey While more and more organisations are recognising the need to transform their workloads in the cloud, many are hampered by on-premises infrastructure costs. Having the right solution in place and the help of the right partner can help you accelerate your organisation’s journey to the cloud. With over 11 years’ experience […]

Change how you do finance

By Varsha Ramesar, Managing Executive, Data and Analytics, iOCO For decades, finance teams steered the business using a rear-view mirror to provide the information they needed to make decisions. New service delivery models, emerging trends, and rapidly changing consumer expectations have ensured that looking behind while attempting to steer forward is no longer an option […]

Innovate at speed and scale

In a world today, organisations can’t afford delays in the delivery of their solutions, nor in accessing the technologies that enable them to service their customers. Unfortunately, many have to choose between quality and speed when it comes to their applications, a compromise that leads to less than optimal performance. With the changes forced by […]

Finance has become a data game

By Varsha Ramesar, Managing Executive, Data and Analytics The data revolution has fundamentally changed the role of the finance professional as we know it. In order to continue to be seen as a value-added service or department, finance professionals must evolve – not only to keep up with ever-changing technologies, but to access the benefits […]

Major Insurance Corporation

iOCO successfully partners with Micro Focus CyberRes to create a secure test data solution with Data Privacy Manager.Move Towards Agile Development Demands More Stringent Data Security This organization maintains a businesscritical application that has been in place for decades. Among the massive volumes of data captured and consumed by the organization is sensitive data that, […]

Innovation is about Solving Problems

The third decade of the new millennium is firmly underway, and everything is moving so quickly. We are told to improve, to perform, to innovate! In fact, the drive towards innovation has become an integral part of almost any corporate landscape. Unfortunately, very few companies take the time to unpack what innovation really is. They […]