Secure & Compliant Test Data Management

Global data privacy regulations are disrupting business but also driving IT transformation. With the mounting weight of legal and regulatory mandates, the need to ensure data security and governance amidst rising volumes of data has become a top priority for IT leaders. These data privacy laws have changed the landscape of test data generation and management. Companies using production data with sensitive structured data in test/dev environments struggle to achieve or maintain compliance with the GDPR, CCPA, KVKK, POPIA and other global data privacy regulations.

Development and Test teams are always looking to use test data which closely mimics live production data to ensure the application/software they are working on performs as required. This often presents all sorts of challenges from a compliance point of view. Test data sets are often poor substitutes and an anonymised version of live data is preferable but it is difficult with standard tools to preserve the format of data fields, e.g. credit card numbers, phone numbers, account numbers, etc.

White Paper: Putting Data Privacy and Protection at the Centre of Your Security Strategy

Typical Pain Points in this process include:

  • Difficult to find sensitive structured data in active and inactive systems across the enterprise.
  • Data privacy laws prohibit enterprises from using real data for testing, or quality assurance or even education.
  • Businesses need a solution that can generate protected and anonymized data that closely simulates real data.
  • Test teams may not have adequate test data generator tools knowledge and skills
  • Test data coverage is often incomplete
  • Testing teams do not have access to the data sources
  • Delay in giving production data access to the testers
  • Production environment data may not be fully usable for testing based on the developed business scenarios
  • Large volumes of data may be needed in a short period of time
  • Data dependencies/combinations to test some of the business scenarios
  • The testers spend more time than required for communicating with architects, database administrators and BAs for gathering data
  • Multiple applications and data versions
  • Continuous release cycles across several applications
Secure & Compliant Test Data Management

We can help address these issues by:

  • Understanding and securing data for Test Data Management
  • Industry (NIST) validated and approved Format-Preserving Encryption applied to the sensitive fields in production data to allow production data to be used in test/dev environments. This allows your developers and testers to have the data they really feel they need, without putting the business at risk.
  • De-identification of sensitive data using anonymisation.
  • Increasing productivity by alleviating the need for internal scripts to anonymize data
  • Managing and anonymizing sensitive data to remove the risk in development environments
  • Supporting regulatory compliance by reducing the need to protect sensitive data manually
  • Automatically creating data sets for use in development environments using data that not only matches the “normal” data sets needed but is also fit for purpose.
  • Standardized and automated processes for creating compliant and secure data, performed as part of CI/CD pipelines and as part of standard test automation

CyberRes offers simplified, automated solutions that provide security and governance over identities, applications, and data ― from creation to disposition and throughout the information life cycle.

Data Privacy Manager automates data privacy and protection of sensitive, regulated production data for use in test development pipelines for functional app testing, training, QA, and related use cases.

Key Differentiators

Discovers private data across virtually all databases & data lakes

Ensures data privacy in non-production environments

Anonymizes data for secure use whether for analytics, test, or other use cases, and automates the process continuously

Shields real data sources with a protected Test Data Repository containing real “fake” data

Ensures that the real sensitive data is kept secure and compliant

Our framework elevates the management of test data by automating the extraction, encryption, and archiving of test data as needed, accelerating the understanding of data issues in development.

Key Differentiators

Scale to hundreds of connected systems
Schedule TDM jobs for periodic execution
Manage work across multiple teams.
Support staging, unit test, and performance test environments

Customer Benefits

  • Enable privacy of production data for use in dev / test
  • Cut risk of using sensitive datasets in non-production environments; create referentially intact data subsets
  • Automate test data management on a continuous basis
  • Give developers and testers “real” data to do their jobs more effectively and efficiently, replace manual scripting!
  • Reduce complexity with simplified test data generation
  • Reduce risk of data misuse or loss, and unauthorized access
  • Reduce costs and increase efficiency in the critical points of development and QA testing
  • Production datasets without sensitive data means a faster and more predictable path between dev and production!

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