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REFLEX™ is a comprehensive product that converts SAP Classic Finance to FLEX-GL (NewGL).


Released in 2007, this product was developed to rebuild Flex.GL with a high-performance posting engine, for customers with a high level of financial line items. Reflex also contains an advanced configuration guide to Flex/GL making the implementation from configuration to migration achievable with a small but strong implementation team. Reflex was later used to implement mSCOA with Funds Management FMGL. A successful product with numerous customers and partners.

  • Build FLEX GL from Classic GL
  • Migrate Open Items
  • Migrate History
  • Implement Document Splitting
  • Implement additional reporting ledgers
  • Roadmap to S/4


REFLEX is a solution for:-

  • Companies wanting to implement SAP Flex/GL in an existing ECC Classic Finance system can use REFLEX to
    build or rebuild FLEX/GL.
  • Companies wanting to implement additional ECC Flex/Ledgers or S/4 Extension Ledgers in the Universal Le dger
    can do so with REFLEX.


  • Companies on a roadmap to S/4 would be aware that S/4 uses the Finance Universal Ledger and that this upgrade conversion is done from the ECC FLEX/GL. Companies not already on Flex/GL can utilise REFLEX to convert their existing ECC system to FLEX/GL ahead of their move to S/4.
  • REFLEX converts the ECC Classic Finance to Flex/GL and facilitates this preparation to S/4.
  • Companies that require a rebuild of existing Flex Ledgers or require additional non-leading ledgers to be built can take advantage of this tool. REFLEX is capable of loading history into the ledgers, as if they had always existed, and provides reporting and controls to facilitate audit signoff.
  • Companies that may have implemented Flex/GL without document splitting can switch to document splitting using REFLEX.
  • The REFLEX Dashboard offers configuration assistance into the Flex/GL Ledger setup, testing and problem solving required with the conversion. This will guide a team that may be new to Flex GL.


  • The product is sold as a license per project and not user or volume based
  • The product ha s a license activation with iOCO to enable Full use or a Trial l icense.

Feature Summary

  • Migrate classic finance to FLEX-GL.
  • Manages document splitting and non-split scenarios.
  • Any time point – not year-end dependent.
  • Complete migration with open items
  • Geared for volume data with multi-thread load technology.
  • Configuration dashboard and guides for rapid deployment.
  • Manages line-item history as well as account balances.
  • Audit reporting for completeness and accuracy.
  • Enable the rebuild of multiple ledgers across multiple company codes.


Reflex can build non-leading ledgers using historical data to ensure immediate reporting benefit to the business. These ledgers are fully populated and hence provide immediate benefit to the business. This facilitates the need to build ledgers with adjusted fiscal years or legislated requirements.
Reflex enables document splitting to be turned on after a Flex/GL implementation, as it can reprocess Classic documents and correctly apply these documents with new splitting rules.
Reflex allows open items to be reprocessed through document splitting rules and is then correctly stored in the SAP split tables. Incoming payments can then be correctly clear against the appropriate open item split.
Reflex manages account totals through SAP standard means. It is also capable of validating and repairing totals where gross malfunction has occurred. Opening balances can be uploaded through Reflex when and if needed.
Reflex enables an in-house conversion that can be built into a POC system for business evaluation and signoff. Advisory services are available when required. Reflex is easy to use and attempts to simplify or demystify configuration rulesets in Flex/GL.
Reflex can be used to remedy a subset of documents that may have been posted with an incorrect configuration setting. Once the configuration is corrected Reflex can adjust the Flex postings for the affected documents. Thus, providing a long-term benefit to any SAP environment.
Typical SAP customers have multiple company codes and the potential for high data volumes, especially in finance. Reflex adopts multi-thread parallel processing as well as error handling and error tracking facilities to deal with high volume data loads.

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