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ITAG™ is an AI approach to supporting SAP systems. It provides an understanding of the SAP configuration, custom development and hidden enhancements made over time.


The product was first launched in 2013 with the intention to build a Support Database that allowed new support teams to have a rapid understanding of the developments and configurations done in a system. While promoted as a tool to be used during a project, it can retrospectively build its search repository. A spin-off from this product provides clarity on transports being migrated, providing reports with better insight into the customising that was done, including screenshots of the configuration in the IMG.


ITAG is a solution for:-

  • Companies with a history of multiple projects or completing a complex project would benefit from ITAG’s ability to keep track of changes and guide support back to critical configuration or development.
  • Support teams taking over the support of a system they never implemented would benefit from ITAG.
  • Support staff who were not present on the project would benefit from easily tracking back to where the configuration was done.


  • SAP systems are comprehensive and with that requires integrated solutions. Not everyone on the project may
  • know all solutions nor be available as time continues. ITAG keeps track and makes the information available
  • through a Google-like /AI request.
  • Specific project configuration, user exits, enhancements or ABAP development can be ring-fenced and tracked for future reference.
  • Rapidly empower new staff to get to the bottom of support issues.
  • Track timeline changes as these usually identify new changes that may be causing a process to fail.
  • Provide documentation on what is being transported with screenshots where necessary of config changes.


  • The product is sold as a license per site covering DEV, QA and PRD and does not limit who uses the product.
  • The product does have a license activation with iOCO to enable Full use or Trial POC licenses.


ITAG learns from the SAP support systems and builds a searchable repository or chatbot. The repository has insight into configuration, development and transports made in the system. The repository can be housed within the SAP system or connected to several SAP systems and accessed centrally.
As the configuration is being defined or custom code is written, specific descriptive tags can be added to the repository. Test data, documentation and other random items can be ringfenced under a project and made available. Tags can be easily added to the user’s favourites menu to allow rapid access back to configuration or specific lines of code. This can be especially useful for programs that have multiple paragraphs of logic for different projects such as FI validation user exit etc.
ITAG can be searched using google type access. In this ITAG can provide directly related information as well as indirect information that may not be apparent. Timelines are available to show when configuration was changed as well as who the responsible people are that were involved with the configuration.
ITAG can provide detailed configuration documentation including screenshots of configuration and links to the IMG. Transport documentation can highlight not only the detail being transported but the detail of configuration being deleted that may not be apparent by just looking at a transport list. ITAG will encourage better long-term support standards as well as improve project governance.

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