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INTEDEX™ harmonises selective data between SAP database systems.


Launched in 2005 Australia, this product set out to solve the problem of having reliable data in DEV and QA, identifying that this was one of the most inhibiting problems on any SAP system. The objective was also to empower the system with a tool that clearly identify Master Data or data specific to applications.


Intedex is a solution for:-

  • Companies wanting to synchronise volume data between SAP systems.
  • Companies wanting to strip out a portion of data from Production back to DEV or QA.
  • Companies wanting to extract a complete module out of SAP to another system.
  • Companies wanting to migrate master data and configuration only to a new client.



  • Rebuilding relevant data in supporting systems revitalises the investment put into these systems. Supporting systems become harder to support and rapidly become obsolete due to the lack of relevant data. Primarily traditional tools have an all or nothing approach. This is costly when no data is delivered to a project team or data is delivered at the expense of other projects.
  • INTEDEX meets this challenge by avoiding total system rebuilds, by reloading specific subsets of data that are necessary to the project team.
  • Likewise, testing in QA requires real transaction data that must have its holes and blemishes to accurately represent production.
  • INTEDEX delivers real business-relevant data into the DEV and QA environments. This enables the development, support, and training teams to build solutions and deliver the best levels of service to the end-user.


Intedex synchronises cross-sections of SAP data, such as Master Data, per Application Area / Module. We call this data harmonising. Integrated seamlessly into existing systems with cognisance of custom ABAP development, industry solutions and with different versions of SAP.

A primary objective is to transform the DEV, QAS and Training system with relevant Production data and to enhance the use of these systems for better project and risk management. This is done by harmonising specific master and transaction data in these systems without the need to destroy or rebuild the entire system.

INTEDEX can refresh selective clients with selective data. QA systems can be refreshed with representative data without requiring the entire system to be rebuilt. This allows you to build repetitive test suites without the worry of these being deleted by a data refresh.
As Production Systems expand so does the demand to expand Development and Quality Systems. Intedex can rebuild Development, QA and Training with a portion of the Production system without the need to grow the support systems.
Allows each team to have smaller, project-related clients for testing. Allowing for parallel and project focused development and delivery.
Allows for better risk management as errors or unidentified data requirements are realised earlier in the project development cycle.
Having realistic project data in DEV allows for complete unit testing in DEV and only requires transporting to QA when the project is ready for Integration testing.


  • The product is sold as a license per project and not user or volume-based.
  • The product does have a license activation with iOCO to enable Full use or Trial POC licenses

Software Features

  • Data Filters can slice or reduce data to fit into smaller systems.
  • Designed and built for high data volumes.
  • Categorization and management of data by application area and data class i.e., Master Data, Transaction data, User data, Configuration etc.
  • Advanced Data-Synchronization Engine.
  • Functionality to alter the data written to target systems to either hide personal identity or to create test/representative data for testing.
  • Awareness of in-house development and industry solutions. Intedex builds catalogues for each system and determines applications and tables in use.
  • Fast and easy setup, implementation,and execution.
  • Analysis tools provide comparisons between systems; giving a clear picture of the data volumes and the type of data available for transfer.
  • Status monitoring and fault agent reporting, providing real-time status and error control.
  • Project Subset management provides the means to manage data at a smaller more applicable project level.
  • Project gearing –enabling parallel project client structures.

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