Teraco's Africa Cloud Exchange

The cloud provider platform to amplify enterprise hybrid and multi-cloud performance

The ability to service local and global markets is a prerequisite for growth. Teraco is your cloud interconnection marketplace that links Africa’s largest data centres to the world.

Ignite your hybrid and multi-cloud performance when you position your enterprise network infrastructure alongside global cloud services on-ramps with Africa Cloud Exchange.

Simplifying cloud to cloud connectivity

Cloud interconnection services provide cost-saving opportunities on existing line rental services, increased network reach, improved resilience, network reliability and lower latency.

Harness intelligent technologies like AI, machine learning, the Internet of Things (IoT), and advanced analytics.
Cloud interconnection infrastructure to support the changing demands of your business

Simplifying cloud to cloud connectivity

  • Cloud-ready architecture with the lowest latency
  • Direct access to the world’s cloud, network and service providers
  • Improved network performance, resilience and security
  • Cost savings across network and data centre infrastructure

iOCO can help enterprises gain the power of a cloud onramp platform for direct, flexible, secure network connections to a wide range of local and global cloud service providers.

Tap into the Africa Cloud Exchange to leverage direct access to:

All major cloud onramps, including Microsoft ExpressRoute, AWS Direct Connect and Google Cloud Connect.

Over 250 network providers, including carriers, terrestrial fibre, satellite connectivity and submarine cables.

Over 50 global content providers and 130 IT services providers.

Over 70 enterprises and 60 financial services providers.

Diverse Internet eXchange Points (IXPs) – NAPAfrica and .INX.

Teraco's Africa Cloud Exchange is a simple, easy-to-use cloud provider platform that:

Offers a low-risk entry point to host infrastructure platforms and leverage the most interconnected data centre hubs in Africa.

Facilitates the ability to mobilise multiple virtual circuits to cloud providers and other networks from a single physical cross-connect to optimise existing hardware investments.

The cloud interconnection platform with benefits:

  • Enterprise clients can achieve choice through highly secure, direct interconnection to global cloud services.
  • Cloud operators can take advantage of direct access to African terrestrial fibre, satellite connectivity, submarine cables and a level playing field for interconnection.

Provide local access to global cloud operators via Africa Cloud Exchange

When nothing stands in the way of speed, security and performance, you can unlock all the real benefits of cloud.

Cloud onramp infrastructure to leverage:

Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute:

Extend on-premises networks into the Microsoft cloud over a private connection for speedy, secure use of services such as Microsoft Azure, Office 365, and Dynamics 365.

AWS Direct Connect:

Bypass public Internet and ensure private connectivity and full integration between your cloud services and business applications.

Google Cloud Connect:

Ensure private connectivity and full integration between cloud services and business applications with cloud colocation services.

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